Arizona Woman Trampled in State’s First Fatal Elk Attack

Robert Galbraith/Reuters
Robert Galbraith/Reuters

An Arizona woman died eight days after she was trampled by elk near her home, wildlife officials said Tuesday. The victim’s husband found her with injuries consistent with having been “trampled by an elk” outside their home on the evening of Oct. 26, the Arizona Game and Fish Department said in a release. The husband told investigators he spotted a bucket of corn nearby, leading them to believe the woman may have been feeding the animals. The woman was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma, dying on Nov. 3. It is believed to be the first fatal elk attack in the state of Arizona. “The public is urged to help keep wildlife wild,” the department said. “Wildlife that are fed by people, or that get food sources from items such as unsecured garbage or pet food, lose their natural fear of humans and become dependent on unnatural food sources.”

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