Arne Slot sends ambitious Liverpool message as challenge laid down to Man City

-Credit: (Image: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Arne Slot believes Liverpool can topple Manchester City this coming season, arguing the small margins to succeed in the Premier League make it possible to dethrone the serial champions.

City became the first team to win four successive Premier League championships in May with Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool, back in 2020, being the only team to have denied Pep Guardiola in any of the last seven campaigns of English football.

The Reds were fighting it out alongside Arsenal and City last term before eventually falling after a difficult run of form in April and they eventually finished nine points off Guardiola's champions and seven short of Mikel Arteta's Gunners.

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Despite that, though, Liverpool improved their points tally by 15 from the campaign previous when they finished fifth and Slot sees no reason why he and his players shouldn't be targeting a 20th league crown in 2024/25.

“The margins are small and sometimes it’s difficult if the margins are small and you’ve inherited a team that’s doing really well there is only a few percentages to improve," Slot said. "But that last few percent makes the difference between winning it, competing to the last day or ending up number three.

“Our aim should be that we want to win it and we want to be on top of the league. We want to be there for 38 games, but even in the end, if someone goes one-on-one towards the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper saves, that means his team win. That’s number one.

“If our player doesn’t score, we need to make sure we’re then in second place instead of being third. So this is what we’re aiming for to get the best out of the players to reach the maximum and then margins will decide, like you probably all know better than me, if the chance is scored, that can make the difference between winning or not.

“But to get in that position, it takes a lot of hard work on a daily basis to come in here and improve and improve and improve and improve. That’s what we have to do.

"I just heard in the press conference what is really important that the people want my style of play. That is what a manager can bring to the club. That is what I promise, or I can assume will happen, because that is what I did at my former clubs.

"Where we end up comes down to the competitors and a bit of luck. You know it better than me. Last season you saw Heung-min Son one-on-one with the goalkeeper and if he scored Arsenal would be champions. He missed and City became champions. The margins in the Premier League are really small and Liverpool lost by one point a few times. What I can say is I have won a lot of games with my playing style."

Slot also outlined why now was the right time to leave Feyenoord, having previously been tracked by both Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur and he dismissed the prospect of succeeding Klopp as being a daunting one.

The new Liverpool boss added: "In my opinion it was a good moment to leave my former club. The year before we won the league but financially the club was maybe still not in the best position.

"Now, after going to the Champions League, and they will sell a few players, the club is in a really good financial position and that is what they expected from me when I came in. They wanted me to bring the best football I could but also help them to grow financially.

"Then of course the moment when you can come to this club. Everyone is telling me constantly: ‘It’s big shoes to fill’. But it’s a team and a club that is known for winning something.

"If you leave a club that is known for winning something then you want to go to your next club where you can win as well. That’s difficult because there are a lot of good clubs in this league, but it is a possibility.

"In combination with the reason why they wanted me and having a lot of trust in Richard and the structure of the club, having a lot of belief in the players we already have, it completed the picture of the right moment to go."