Arsenal Fan View: Three Gunners who have completely lost the plot

Arsenal got their hands on a point after a long, long time in the Premier League after a frantic draw with Manchester City earlier. However, it seems like a lot of their players have lost their grips on the hold of the game at the club and are in dire need of a change. Here are the three main players who look to have lost the plot at the Emirates:

Francis Coquelin of Arsenal is challenged by City players
Francis Coquelin of Arsenal is challenged by City players

Francis Coquelin

The higher you go, the harder you fall. No statement better fits the Frenchman if his Arsenal career revival has to be taken into question. From being revered as the homecoming of a proper Arsène Wenger style destroyer in midfield to being clearly ousted as the man who got lucky for a couple of seasons, Coquelin has had quite a time at the club. However, with every passing game it seems to be evident that he never was more than a squad player and someone who could cover for an actual defensive midfielder.

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Ever since his return from injury last season, he has been picked off too many times by other teams for his inherent recklessness and complete absence of a physical aspect to the game in the centre of the park. His game is too easy to read and by extension, so is Arsenal’s. The primary reason why it felt like the Gunners were on the ascendancy in the second half vs City today was because of Yaya Touré’s half hearted presence in midfield, allowing Coquelin to not look completely clueless. He has been caught out too many times this season and can no longer provide any sort of protection to the back four without a complete overhaul in his game. The earlier Wenger realizes that, the safer it would be for his leaky defence.

Hector Bellerin

Replace his name with the entire Arsenal defence and it would make no difference. They’ve all technically lost the plot but it just so happens he was the least expected one. A super fast and trusty right back for two seasons he was and then suddenly the Spaniard decided to give it all up and become a fashion model. The young Bellerin has clearly picked up muscle and a poor hairdo from the streets and it has affected the way he functions on the football pitch.

His electric pace is less and less apparent these days and his interest in defending even less so. Sane’s goal may have been started off by Mustafi’s charge forward, but what kind of a full back forgets he is supposed to be goal side of his winger and not otherwise? The German skinned him for speed and it was déjà vu all over again from the game at the Etihad stadium in December. However, this is not the first time he’s been off his game this season. Take any game after the Chelsea win and anytime in the Champions League, the result of finding a waning Bellerin will be consistent. And that is word which cannot be associated with him anymore.

Mesut Ozil of Arsenal reacts during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City at Emirates Stadium
Mesut Ozil of Arsenal reacts during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City at Emirates Stadium

Mesut Özil

Look away, Mesut, but we’re going to single you out again. Gary Neville made a recent statement about the German which is probably something every Arsenal fan has thought of during his stay in London. Speaking for Sky Sports, the former Valencia boss said: “I can’t be doing watching him playing football sometimes, someone who has so much talent. When you watch Messi and Ronaldo give their all in every match, Özil struts around like a worker in a coal mine”. And you know he has a point if you’ve seen Özil play in any big match for Arsenal.

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The man has lost so much agility and speed from his Madrid days and yet possesses all of the talent to make things happen. The sad part is, he genuinely appears not to be interested in doing that anymore. A lot has been made over his passing stats over the years and yet it is his knack to losing the ball in critical positions and then standing around waiting for someone else to cover for him which is the biggest issue. Even against City earlier today, the German was the main reason for the second goal as he failed to clear the ball and then it happened again in the second half with poor touches just outside his own box. If Arsenal are going to lose him in the summer, I for one don’t see the huge calamity many are making that to be. Expecting consistent performances from an uninterested player is as bad as asking a deer for instructions in the forest.

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