Arsenal ban 20,000 members and 54 season-ticket holders in crackdown on touting

Arsenal cancelled 24 season tickets last season as part of the club’s push to ensure the Emirates Stadium is full every week.

Due to the increased demand for tickets, the club brought in a policy last season that meant supporters had to use their season ticket for 17 out of 22 matches.

If they could not attend themselves, fans were advised to make their season ticket available on Arsenal’s Ticket Exchange or Ticket Transfer platforms to ensure it was used.

The club have now confirmed that 24 season tickets were cancelled as those supporters did not meet the required usage.

For the 2024/25 season, fans will be required to use their season ticket for 20 out of 23 matches or else it will be cancelled.

The measures have been enforced by Arsenal to ensure that every seat is used at a time when the demand for tickets is booming due to the team’s success under Mikel Arteta.

The club are also clamping down on touting and banned 20,000 members and 54 season-ticket holders for attempting to obtain tickets in unauthorised ways.

Next season the club will continue to increase their investment in anti-touting measures, including developing greater online protection, delivering more boots-on-the-ground operations and dedicating more internal resources to take action.

Arsenal will continue to use a ballot system next season as they believe that is the fairest way to allocate tickets to paying members.

Following consultation with the Arsenal Advisory Board, members who applied to 20 or more ballots and were not successful once will be invited to purchase a ticket from a select number of fixtures before Christmas.

That involves around 300 members and ensures those who were unfortunate to miss out will be offered the opportunity to attend a match.