New artwork revealed at Ewood Park to champion diversity

New artwork revealed at football club to champion diversity
New artwork revealed at football club to champion diversity

A new mural has been unveiled at Ewood Park celebrating Blackburn Rovers’ diverse and inclusive community and fanbase.

A Darwen-based businesswoman decided to put her creativity and talent to good use by creating an impressive mural to represent the club’s ethos.

The hand-painted artwork, created by Charlotte Knowles, is on display in the Strikers’ Lounge, based in the Blackburn End, which provides a safe and family-friendly environment for fans to enjoy on matchdays.

The eye-catching creation took Charlotte more than 50 hours to complete as part of voluntary work she carries out to support local charities and businesses who are making a positive difference in their community.

Charlotte Knowles and Rovers Integration and Development Manager Yasir Sufi

The co-founder of Elektec, Charlotte, said: “Over the past few years, I have been completely blown away by the work that Yasir Sufi (Integration and Business Development Manager) and his team are doing at Blackburn Rovers to achieve inclusion and diversity.

“Having won the 2022 EFL Diversity Award, they appear to be leading the way within football, particularly with regards their Ewood Express initiative.”

#OneRovers mural

The mural which presents the #OneRovers hashtag with a diverse representation of different communities such as multiple different skin tones, a rainbow-coloured arm to symbolise LGBTQ+< and a disability icon, embodying the club’s OneRovers ethos.

Charlotte added: “When the opportunity arose to be able to complete a piece of artwork to represent #OneRovers, I felt excitement but also a huge sense of responsibility to convey such an important message that everyone is welcome at Blackburn Rovers.

“This project means a lot to me due to the nature of what it characterises. Differences within society should be embraced and celebrated, not marginalised and isolated. I am proud to be connected to the club and support their work.”

The club launched its OneRovers campaign in October 2015 to promote inclusion, value diversity and remind everyone that football is for everyone, and discrimination will not be tolerated at Ewood Park.