ASICS' hydration-friendly Runners Face Cover is back in stock--get yours before they sell out again

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ASICS' hydration-friendly Runners Face Cover is back in stock--get yours before they sell out again

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Fabric, cloth or surgical face covers that are worn while exercising can get damaged very quickly. Not to mention, can be harsh on your skin over time. In an effort to eliminate those concerns, ASICS developed a hydration-friendly face cover that makes it now easier than ever to protect yourself and others in public. The Runners Face Cover debuted in mid-September and quickly sold out. Priced at $40, the popular item is back in stock and a must-have for all workout enthusiasts.

Features in the Runners Face Cover go way beyond aesthetics. Unlike standard products, the unique curved structure creates more room inside to allow for easier breathing while running. This accessory also has strategically placed air holes that increase airflow while preventing moisture from splashing into the open air. Finally, the quick-drying material is also antibacterial, allowing you to drink water while running without having to pull down the cover.

Other noteworthy details include:

  • Quick-drying, washable fabric that cools the air flowing into the mouth, improving breathability and comfort

  • Adjustable cords to provide a personalized fit for each user

Those who purchased the cover in the first drop already submitted feedback. Check out this review from a satisfied customer who called it “the best face cover for running performance:”

“This is the most breathable face cover I have found. My running performance is virtually unaffected compared to running with no mask. It also has much less heat build up under underneath than other face covers. The adjustable elastic cord is a clever combination of securing by both ears and around the head, which will be good for those who find cords of other masks are uncomfortable because of the pressure behind their ears. Of course, your hair style might be compromised, but I'm not concerned about that while running! My only concern is whether the more open mesh at the bottom of the mask is acceptable, but this is an acceptable compromise for me because it still blocks more potential for airborne particles than other masks that are not as secure while running.”

We linked where to buy the ASICS Runners Face Cover below. Shop the brand’s latest innovation before it sells out again (and we have a feeling it will).

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