14 Disney-Princess-Inspired Luxury Handbags That Should Totally Become A Real Thing

You know what I noticed recently? For all the fancy dresses and tiaras and glass slippers and whatnot that Disney Princesses have, they're all missing one crucial accessory: a handbag! Seriously, how do they carry all their stuff? I'm here to fix that. I used AI to imagine what some Disney Princess designer bags might look like:


An imaginative ice-themed handbag with clear blue decorations and white fur trim

Hopefully this just ~looks~ like it's made out of ice, otherwise it's gonna be a short-lived bag.


Yellow handbag with ornate relief design and a prominent red rose adornment

Very baroque! Make sure none of those rose petals fall off...


Designer handbag with three-dimensional floral embellishments

I was hoping for beignets, but this is pretty too.


Lavender handbag with gold chain overlay and decorative green chameleon motif

The inside is lined with hair.


Whimsical handbag with abstract design, adorned with a fork

I like the tote size, it gives you so much room to carry around all your gadgets, gizmos, whosits, and whatsits!

6.Snow White

Handbag with whimsical hand-sewn apple design

Yes, the apple is a very cute detail, but it's also a reminder never to accept food from strangers.


Bohemian-style leather satchel with an embossed floral design and fringe details, accented with turquoise tassels

It has a roomy interior so you can take everything you need with you on your next trip around the riverbend.


Blue and black handbag with a silver handle and jewel detail; standing upright on a light background

Does it transform if you're wearing it out after midnight?


Ornate handbag with gemstone and intricate patterns, styled with fantasy theme

This design saw that jewel on Jasmine's headband and ran with it.


Designer handbag with intricate woven pattern and hibiscus flower embellishments

The perfect beach bag. Or voyaging bag.


Geometric-patterned handbag with a small sword across the front

Who doesn't want a tiny sword to go with their bag?

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12.Mulan (as Ping)

Designer handbag with star-shaped clasp and contrasting green and purple panels

Seeing as Mulan spends most of the movie as Ping, it makes sense that she should have this bag as well.


Ombré pink and blue handbag with scallop flap design, structured top handle, and silver hardware

Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue!


Embossed teal backpack with ornate golden accents and bear motifs

This makes sense, Merida seems more like a backpack kind of girl.

Are these designs spot-on or wayyyyyy off? Let us know in the comments!