Aston Villa CEO Reveals Weird Superstition That's Been Helping Club Win Games

Kavan Flavius

​Aston Villa CEO  Keith Wyness is practicing something very weird at the club, but it seems to be working.

Wyness now owns a collection of  15 match programmes and 15 team sheets in his pocket; all part of a superstitious ritual, as per ​Birmingham Mail .

The Scot has proven quite instrumental since being brought aboard by club owner Tony Xia in the summer. And although the expected change isn't coming about as quickly as expected, things are certainly on the rise.

The Championship side have won seven of their last 10 matches, and fans are hoping for a real promotion fight next season based on what they are seeing from their side of late.

Quizzed on his superstitious practice, Wyness said:  “I’ve kept a programme and a match sheet in my pocket and I only keep the ones of matches that we’ve won.

“So eventually that pocket gets bulkier and bulkier - hopefully - this season. But it is a superstition and it’s something I’ve done every season and every season I’ve done it, it’s been a winning season for the clubs I’ve been at. It’s a strange one, but it’s just something I do.”

The CEO also revealed that he owns a pair of lucky socks which, so far, have a 100 per cent record.

“I also have a pair of lucky socks and I pick them for certain matches and they’ve never let me down yet.”

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