Audley Harrison makes prediction for Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk - 'he'll stop him late'

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The two rivals faced off ringside after Fury's comprehensive victory over Derek Chisora at the start of December.

The boxer's respective teams have been in talks over a fight in recent months, with April 29 pencilled in as the preferred date. The bout is expected to either take place in Saudi Arabia or London at Wembley Stadium.

Harrison - a former Olympic gold medallist - thinks Fury will have "too many tricks" for Usyk.

"Tyson Fury has not put a foot wrong yet, he's figured out the game, worked out every opponent that he has ever faced," Harrison told Mega Casino.

"I just think that Fury, with the way that he uses his size now, is going to take something out of Usyk. He's still light on his feet, unlike Joshua in his fights with Usyk where he started to slow down.

"Tyson can bounce around for 12 rounds, but he can also go forward. Usyk is a nice boxer, clever and tough, but Fury has all the little tricks you need to incorporate into a fight like this. "He will lean on him, work him on the inside, catch him and there will just be too many tricks that he has."

Harrison went on to predict that Fury will "stop Usyk late" if they do meet in the ring next month. "I think he will stop him late, he could be the first man to do that to Usyk," Harrison added. "He can take any punishment coming back because he doesn't care, but he is also just as quick, so it takes away a key advantage Usyk has had over all of his previous opponents. "He won't be able to sneak in and catch him with a quick shot, and that is going to be the key technical advantage in the fight. Once he starts backing up, the fight is over." There are growing concerns that this fight will not go ahead with Fury adamant that Usyk does not deserve a 50/50 purse split. Fury's promoter - Frank Warren - has this week told ID Boxing that this fight is "still being worked on". "I think it will be resolved this week one way or another, and I'm hoping we can get it done," Warren added. "Tyson wants to be out in late April and I hope that it's Usyk in the opposite corner." Fury's desire for this fight must be questioned when you consider how he is messing Usyk around with the purse split. Both men are the two best heavyweights in the world. They each have a right to 50% of the purse and if the fight does not happen, the blame will lie at Fury's door. Especially after how he hung Anthony Joshua out to dry last year, fans will rightly start to turn on Fury if the Usyk fight does not go ahead.

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