Australia’s Glenn Maxwell reveals he broke his leg in back-garden game gone wrong with former school teacher

Ouch: Glenn Maxwell  (AFP via Getty Images)
Ouch: Glenn Maxwell (AFP via Getty Images)

Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has revealed he broke his leg after a back-garden game with his former school teacher went wrong.

Maxwell has been ruled out for up to three months after undergoing surgery on a broken tibula on his left leg.

The freak accident happened when both he and his ex-school teacher slipped on a patch of wet artificial grass in a friend’s garden.

Maxwell said in a video posted on social media by Cricket Australia: “One of my mates, who was also one of my schoolteachers, we were laughing about something and I pretended to chase him off somewhere.

"I reckon we both took about three or four steps out there, and both slipped at the same time. I just got my foot stuck a little bit, and he fell, unfortunately at a really bad angle and landed straight on my leg.”

As he felt Maxwell said he heard his leg snap followed by searing pain, which those around him didn’t immediately believe.

The 34-year-old, who also ruptured the syndesmosis ligaments in his foot in the fall, recalled: “I was screaming a bit and he was like, ‘please tell me you’re joking, please tell me you’re joking’."

Maxwell said he would use the time out to ensure he was fully fit for his return in a bid to prolong his playing career.

He added: “I think now I can make sure for the back end of my career I’m fit, strong, healthy and hopefully in a better state for next year’s World Cup and all tournaments going forward.”