Australia 17-21 England LIVE! Rugby match stream, result and reaction as England win series

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Australia 17-21 England LIVE! Rugby match stream, result and reaction as England win series

Australia vs England - LIVE!

England secured a second consecutive series win in Australia with a nervy 21-17 victory in the third and final Test.

Eddie Jones’ side won last week in Brisbane to keep the series on the line heading to Sydney, in what was likely the final rugby Test match at the SCG.

It was from a complete performance from England, who fell behind to a Wright try. They took charge of the decider though as tries from Freddie Steward and Marcus Smith gave them an 11-point lead with 25 minutes to go.

Folau Fainga’a got the Wallabies within four points as he bulldozed his way over the line to set up a grandstand finish, but England’s defence proved good enough as they saw out the win on the night and in the series.

A poor 2022 from England up to this point, after another disappointing Six Nations campaign was followed by a heavy defeat against the Barbarians and then an opening defeat to Australia in Perth, now heads into the summer on a brighter note, easing the pressure on Jones ahead of next year’s World Cup.

Australia vs England latest news

  • TRY! Fainga’a gets Wallabies right back in it

  • TRY! Smith breaks free to extend lead

  • TRY! Steward puts England in front late in half

  • TRY! Wright goes over for Australia

Match report

13:46 , Matt Verri

England secured a second consecutive series win in Australia with a nervy 21-17 victory in the third and final Test.

Eddie Jones’ side won last week in Brisbane to keep the series on the line heading to Sydney, in what was likely the final rugby Test match at the SCG.

It was from a complete performance from England, who fell behind to a Wright try. They took charge of the decider though as tries from Freddie Steward and Marcus Smith gave them an 11-point lead with 25 minutes to go.

Folau Fainga’a got the Wallabies within four points as he bulldozed his way over the line to set up a grandstand finish, but England’s defence proved good enough as they saw out the win on the night and in the series.

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Courtney Lawes in high spirits

13:30 , Matt Verri

“It really shows what it means for us to play this team. We had a tough start to this series but have showed what we are made of.

“We didn’t come out how we wanted to today. The message at half-time was to stick together. We knew what we wanted to do. We showed what it means to play for this team. We did what we wanted to do to improve week on week. It’s a proud moment for sure.

“We’ve still got a lot to learn. We can win a game like this where you don’t really fire a shot and you take your chances when you can. We did a lot of defending.”

Full thoughts from Steward

13:26 , Matt Verri

Michael Hooper reflects on Australia’s disappointing defeat

13:18 , Matt Verri

“Firstly, pay credit to England. They played a good game. Come back from 1-0 down, close out the series there. Take your hat off to a grind from them winning the series.

“I don’t think we were clinical. We created good opportunities tonight, just not good enough to finish them.”

Can’t argue with that!

13:13 , Matt Verri

Freddie Steward’s reaction

13:08 , Matt Verri

“Unbelievable. To win after an effort like that, it was a proper Test match. It’s special.

“It’s been an incredible experience, it’s been amazing. We’ve had some great times, it’s been brilliant. To come away with a series win is amazing.

“To come here and put an effort like that at the back end of a season is pretty awesome. It’s a great way to end the season. I’m looking forward to a great night with the lads!”

Job done!

13:04 , Matt Verri

13:02 , Matt Verri

Well that was nervy!

It was a scrappy 80 minutes, England seemingly in control when Smith went over to put the lead at 11 points.

But Australia came back and piled on the pressure late on - England held firm.

FT: Australia 17-21 England

12:58 , Matt Verri


12:57 , Matt Verri

79 mins: Porter and Nowell reluctantly have to release, as referee calls tackle.

ENGLAND WIN IT BACK! Hill seizes the ball and England are away, they’re looking for a try too. Lawes gets them within 5m of the line. Can they finish this series in style?

Willis has been held up over the line. England won’t mind that too much though.

12:55 , Matt Verri

78 mins: Van Poortvliet’s kick is claimed by Arundell, England running down the seconds. And another clever kick from the scrum-half, Australia will have a lineout in their own 22.

Lot of territory they need to make up in the final couple of minutes.

12:52 , Matt Verri


HUGE. Groans around the SCG, Cowan-Dickie with sensational work at the breakdown. Just over three minutes to go and that could prove a decisive moment.

12:51 , Matt Verri

75 mins: Australia go through the phases again, they’ve bulldozed their way into the England 22.

England have to really keep their discipline now. Farrell with a big tackle, he then thinks he’s won the ball back. No, Hooper gets things back under control.

12:48 , Matt Verri

72 mins: Brilliant from Isiekwe! That defensive work celebrated pretty much like a try by his team-mates.

They get up the pitch, a bit of control... until they knock the ball on as they drive the maul forward. Australia put-in at the scrum.

12:46 , Matt Verri

70 mins: England claim the lineout, drive it forward and Van Poortvliet then delivers with kick. Exactly what England needed at this stage of the match.

Ten minutes to go - anyone’s match!

12:43 , Matt Verri

69 mins: Good from Koroibete under the high ball, and now Australia are breaking away on the left! Wright at the centre of things again, they’re completely on top now.

Samu straight through the tackles, just about brought down. Kerevi with the kick, England will have all sorts of pressure on their lineout on the 5m line.

12:41 , Matt Verri

Easy conversion and Australia are now just four points behind, 21-17 to England.

What a finish to this series we have!

TRY! Australia 15-21 England | Folau Fainga’a 65'

12:39 , Matt Verri

Another advantage for Australia... and another one. Can’t be long until a yellow card comes out.

Here they come again, and Folau Fainga’a goes over! England can’t hold out any longer, Australia are now right back in this!

12:37 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Australia win another penalty deep in the England 22 and here comes the driving maul again.

This time they get it out, Kerevi runs straight at Smith. Gets a bit of help from Farrell to get the centre to ground.

Wallabies really pushing now, England camped on their own tryline. And Australia have the penalty advantage, they want more than three points though.

Wide to Kerevi, takes three white shirts but he’s brought down. How long can England hold on? At least a bit longer, sensational from Steward to force Samu into touch. Back for the penalty we go.

The moment that sealed the match?

12:33 , Matt Verri

12:32 , Matt Verri

60 mins: Penalty Australia now, great work there. Hodge with a perfect kick, lineout on England’s 5m line. Massive chance for the Wallabies to get themselves right back in it.

England bring the maul down, first job done. And the ball’s been turned over! Smith comes charging in to celebrate. Brilliant defence from England, another waste from Australia.

12:29 , Matt Verri

58 mins: As you’d expect England are right up for it now, that try has given them another life.

Frost runs a good line and is briefly into space, but England get back well. And then Alaalatoa fumbles, knock-on and that’s a scrum for England.

TRY! Australia 10-21 England | Marcus Smith 55'

12:27 , Matt Verri


Australia fumble from the lineout on the halfway line, Lolesio can’t claim it as he bounces free and Smith pounces.

He has the freedom of the SCG to run into and he does just that - even Koroibete can’t catch him.

England in complete control now! Simplest of conversions for Farrell.

12:25 , Matt Verri

54 mins: Lovely line from Chessum as Smith sets him away. Hooper is there waiting for him and wins the penalty.

Smith was still being held about 20 seconds after that pass, much to his frustration!

12:23 , Matt Verri

52 mins: Driving maul from Australia, makes good ground before it’s eventually stopped.

Worked wide to Koroibete, not a great pass and he has to slow his progress to stoop down. Nowell has the chance to get across and he forces Koroibete into touch.

PENALTY! Australia 10-14 England | Owen Farrell 50'

12:21 , Matt Verri

No mistake from Farrell, routine kick on the 22m line and England’s lead is four points.

Solid start to the second half from England, even if they’re still not at their best. Getting the job done.

12:20 , Matt Verri

49 mins: Massive from Genge, bounces Kerevi away and the centre goes flying to the floor.

And another carry from Genge, he’s into the Australia 22. Hooper this time gives away a penalty at the breakdown, chance for Farrell to extend the lead.

12:18 , Matt Verri

47 mins: Cowan-Dickie on to replace George in the front-row.

Australia claim the lineout well, and clear their lines. Cowan-Dickie will get his first involvement swiftly at the lineout - and Australia steal it! Not the best of introductions.

12:17 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Steward is ridiculously good in the air, has looked imperious.

England slowing things down, and that helps as Australia fumble the high ball. Nowell pounces and England have the knock-on advantage. Poor fumble from Lolesio.

Farrell with the kick through, Australia lineout on their own 5m line.

12:14 , Matt Verri

43 mins: High tackle from Genge, penalty for Australia despite the forward’s puzzled look. Allows the Wallabies the chance to boot the ball just outside the England 22, they’ll have the lineout.

They’re into the 22 now, strong carry from Tupou. Messy from Australia, ball flung around but they just about keep it under control.

Phases into double figures, England holding firm. And they win the penalty! Massive effort.

Up and running again!

12:11 , Matt Verri

We’re underway in the second half at the SCG!

12:09 , Matt Verri

What to expect from the second half then?

England surely have to improve, and they’ll take so much confidence from being ahead despite playing pretty poorly.

Brilliant chance for them to go and win this series.

But England hit back late on...

12:03 , Matt Verri

How Australia scored the opening try...

11:58 , Matt Verri

HT: Australia 10-11 England

11:56 , Matt Verri

Farrell with the conversion from out on the left, misses. So England’s lead will be one point going into the break.

Australia on top for most of it but England made the most of their chance late in the half!

TRY! Australia 10-11 England | Freddie Steward 40'

11:54 , Matt Verri

Lineout on the 5m line, England with a chance to take the lead going into half-time. Ludlam stopped just short of the line - England now have a penalty advantage too!

They go wide, Freeman is somehow dragged back by Wright when he looked certain to go over! Australia hanging on for dear life on their try line. And another penalty advantage.

AND THERE IS THE TRY! WOW. Clinical from England, Steward goes over out wide and England do move in front.

11:52 , Matt Verri

39 mins: England win the penalty at the scrum, Australia not impressed with the decision but the can’t do anything about it.

Farrell to get England within a point... hits the post! So close.

White claims and runs up the pitch with it, but he’s met with Lawes and England win another penalty! This time they go for touch, Farrell doesn’t fancy an immediate retake.

11:49 , Matt Verri

36 mins: White flings a pass out to Koribete, suspicion of a forward pass but on we go. Nowell does well to bring down Koribete, just about.

England win it back, Porter and Steward away down the left but it goes forward. Slipper returns the favour, just as the knock-on advantage finished, and England have the put-in at the scrum.

Van Poortvliet on for England, Care brought off already.

PENALTY! Australia 10-6 England | Owen Farrell 34’

11:46 , Matt Verri

And as expected, Farrell makes no mistake with a kick not far off right in front of the posts.

England have only really been in Australian territory a couple of times, they’ve come away with three points on both occasions.

11:45 , Matt Verri

32 mins: Lineout for England deep in the Australia 22. This is a real chance.

They lose control of it but never mind - they win a penalty anyway! Maul went wrong, as George tried to play a cute reverse pass, but it’s worked out.

Farrell with a simple kick to reduce the deficit.

PENALTY! Australia 10-3 England | Noah Lolesio 31'

11:43 , Matt Verri

Lolesio missed a kick earlier but there’s never any doubt with this one.

England a converted try behind now, have not got going at all so far. Australia well on top.

11:42 , Matt Verri

29 mins: Lovely from Hodge, skips past Porter and Australia are off and running again. Koroibete then bulldozes his way through the tackles, England really on the ropes. Care sent absolutely flying by the winger.

And that’s a penalty for Australia in the England 22. Vunipola not releasing.

That was a brutal carry from Koroibete, poor Care did not have a chance.

11:40 , Matt Verri

27 mins: More great work at the breakdown from Hooper, mobbed by his teammates. Scrum for Australia.

Been a scrappy match but you’d have to say they’ve been the better side. Deservedly ahead.

11:38 , Matt Verri

Conversion from out wide is perfect from Lolesio and Australia lead 7-3.

Looks like a water break, as player is briefly paused. Not sure about that - it’s about twice as hot in London!

TRY! Australia 5-3 England | Tom Wright 24'

11:36 , Matt Verri


Wright burns past Freeman, pass inside into White and it then comes back to Wright who can go over in the corner.

So well worked from Australia and they have the first try of the match.

11:35 , Matt Verri

23 mins: Smith launches the ball in the air, Steward does brilliantly to claim it in the air as he challenges with Hodge.

Hooper is waiting though at the breakdown, Nowell comes in from the side and it’s a penalty for Australia. They do well to survive that situation.

11:33 , Matt Verri

22 mins: Nearly superb from England!

First Farrell, then George and Steward, show great hands to quickly work the ball out wide and Freeman has space.

Breezes into the 22, but the door is slammed shut and he’s shoved into touch. Freeman has looked dangerous the couple of times the ball has come out to him.

11:31 , Matt Verri

20 mins: Australia put the phases together in England territory, grubber from Paisami but Smith reads it and covers the space.

England go for a maul from the lineout, it’s a bit of a mess really. Nobody going anywhere, well defended by the Wallabies.

Care loses patience and hammers a kick up the pitch.

PENALTY! Australia 0-3 England | Owen Farrell 18'

11:29 , Matt Verri

England take the lead in Sydney!

Scoreboard troubled for the first time, almost at the midway stage of the first half.

Boos ring out as Farrell steps up, has no impact as he sends the kick sailing through the posts. England up and running.

11:27 , Matt Verri

15 mins: George steals it back for England, stumbles just as he was eyeing the space in front of him.

Brilliant hands now from Steward, sets Freeman away on the left. Quickly shut down as he gets into the Australian 22, comes back for a penalty. England had the advantage.

They will go for the posts, 10m into the Australian half.

11:24 , Matt Verri

12 mins: England win the penalty from the scrum, the first really positive thing they’ve done all match.

Knock-on from Care at the base of the ruck, just dropped the ball under no real pressure. Not quite what was required. Stop-start match so far, Australia having the better of it.

11:22 , Matt Verri

10 mins: Hill the latest England player to give away a soft penalty, Australia with the line-out just outside the England 22.

Nearly for Australia! Tupou sent charging through a gap in the England defence, tries to pop the pass up to Frost but the pass isn’t good enough. Frost spills, England scrum.

11:19 , Matt Verri

8 mins: Problems for Australia, Slipper is down and looks in a fair bit of pain. His right arm is being stretched out, appears he’s going to be fine to continue at least for now.

Last thing Australia need is more injury woes.

11:17 , Matt Verri

7 mins: So Australia have the scrum on the 22m line.

Worked out wide quickly, Hodge has Wright free on his right shoulder out wide, but he sends the pass behind the winger and out of play.

Big chance there for Australia, if Hodge had have made that pass then Wright was in for a try in the corner.

11:16 , Matt Verri

6 mins: Australia go for the points and Lolesio should have no problem with this.

Or not! Relatively simple kick but he’s sent it wide - his first miss of the series. Australia do not take an early lead.

Farrell from the restart, kicks it straight out of play. England with a really sloppy start.

11:14 , Matt Verri

3 mins: Kicking battle comes to an end as both Stuart and Chessum are called for offside. Soft penalty conceded by England, who have to be disciplined. Hodge kicks Australia up the pitch, towards the England 22.

Frost with a strong carry, made a brilliant start to the match. Vunipola penalised, Australia have the advantage.

We go back for that as play breaks down. Australia penalty just outside the 22.

11:11 , Matt Verri

1 min: Chaotic start to the match!

Care’s kick charged down in the opening seconds by Frost and the Australian forward is very nearly away. Can’t quite take the ball with him though, knocks it on.

Doubt in Care’s mind early on now. Scrum England.


11:10 , Matt Verri

We’re up and running at the SCG!

11:09 , Matt Verri

Singer holds the final note of the Australian anthem for about 30 seconds, so kick-off will be slightly delayed.

That’s all the pre-match affairs dealt with - we’re ready to get the series decider underway!

11:05 , Matt Verri

Strange looking at the pitch from above, so much space on either side of the oval outfield. Absolutely miles between the touchline and the stands.

Tribute to former Test referee Andrew Cole ahead of kick-off, who recently died. Time for the anthems.

11:02 , Matt Verri

Last huddle in the changing rooms, Hooper passes on one final message before they make their way out.

Owen Farrell leads the England team through the long tunnel at the SCG, they’re out onto the pitch in front of a capacity SCG crowd. Wouldn’t call it a warm welcome...

Not long now!

10:56 , Matt Verri

Players will be out for kick-off in just a few minutes.

Warm-ups done, quick return to the changing rooms and then the teams will be back to get this clash underway!

Jones’ pre-match thoughts

10:54 , Matt Verri

Eddie Jones reveals he has picked Danny Care due to the New Zealand referee - he believes there will be quick ball at the ruck and that suits Care.

He’s also called on his side to rise to the occasionw with so much on the line.

“We’ve got to be more consistent in our play, a bit tighter on the edges of the ruck,” Jones said.

“It’s always an important game, a young team gets a lot of experience from playing these consequential games. Someone’s going to win, someone’s going to lose. We’re looking forward to it.”

Special venue

10:48 , Matt Verri

Reminder that we’re at the SCG for the series decider. First time a rugby Test has been played here for 36 years, and it’s 47 years since England last played here.

Last time an English team rocked up at the SCG was in January earlier this year - England earned a draw in the fourth Test of the Ashes that ensured they did not fall to a series whitewash.

No draw today please!

Bets are off

10:40 , Matt Verri

Drew Mitchell and Joe Marler had a bet on the result of the second Test - safe to say things did not go Mitchell’s way.

Not sure he’ll be in a rush to get in touch with Marler ahead of this morning’s decider...

Elsewhere this morning

10:34 , Matt Verri

Ireland battled to a landmark series win in New Zealand after holding off a second-half fightback to secure a stunning 32-22 success from an epic encounter in Wellington.

Andy Farrell’s men led by 19 points at the break courtesy of a spellbinding first-half display which brought tries for Josh Van Der Flier, Hugo Keenan and Robbie Henshaw.

But the All Blacks moved to within three points in a breathless second period thanks to scores from Ardie Savea, Akira Ioane and Will Jordan, before Rob Herring crossed to help the tourists home on a historic evening.

Members of Ireland’s triumphant squad were pictured in tears at full-time as they savoured arguably the greatest result in their nation’s history.

Read the full story!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The glamour...

10:25 , Matt Verri

Why is Maro Itoje not playing today?

10:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

The Saracens lock started Saturday’s crucial 25-17 win over the Wallabies in Brisbane, but was withdrawn shortly before half-time after suffering a heavy blow to the head during an attempted tackle on Australia centre Hunter Paisami.

Itoje received swift treatment with the game quickly stopped and was able to walk off the field for a head injury assessment (HIA), replaced by Leicester’s Ollie Chessum.

You can read the full story here!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Three key clashes

09:57 , Jonathan Gorrie

England’s fantastic win in Brisbane last week has set up a mouth-watering third and final Test against Australia in Sydney.

Owen Farrell kicked 20 points in a hard-fought 17-25 victory as the Red Rose ended a miserable run of four losses on the bounce to level the series

Here, Adam Hathaway looks at three key clashes ahead of the decider.

 (AFP /AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP /AFP via Getty Images)

Eddie Jones’ relaxed new approach

09:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Eddie Jones has a reputation for cracking the whip but he has given his England a pretty free rein off the pitch on this tour Down Under.

On Saturday, we will find out if the new caring Eddie translates to hard results on the pitch and a series win over Australia.

Gone are the 5am text messages and the double training sessions, as Jones has let his squad knock off at lunchtime to go and see something of this country. Veteran scrum-half Danny Care admitted he had never been on an England trip when he had so much free time, and the mood around the camp has been buoyant since the opening 30-28 defeat in Perth, even with injuries to key personnel Tom Curry, Maro Itoje and Sam Underhill.

You can read the full story here!


Lawrence Dallaglio: Ollie Chessum and England Test rookies can make most of wonderful opportunity

09:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

Four wins for the home nations over Southern Hemisphere opposition last weekend have set up a mouthwatering day of deciders on Saturday — and I am hugely excited.

Best of luck to Ireland and Wales, who recorded historic first wins in New Zealand and South Africa respectively.

Often if you win in those countries, the hardest places to play, it’s best to get straight out of the country because you have poked the bear. They don’t have that luxury, but they have a wonderful opportunity to make more history tomorrow.

You can read his column in full here!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

09:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

Australia: Hodge, Wright, Paisami, Kerevi, Koroibete, Lolesio, White, Valetini, Hooper (capt), Wilson, Philip, Frost, Tupou, Porecki, Slipper.

Replacements: Fainga’a, Bell, Ala’alatoa, Leota, Samu, McDermott, Ikitau, Vunivalu.

England: Steward, Nowell, Porter, Farrell, Freeman, Smith, Care, B Vunipola, Ludlam, Lawes (capt), Hill, Chessum, Stuart, George, Genge.

Replacements: Cowan-Dickie, M Vunipola, Heyes, Isiekwe, Willis, Van Poortvliet, Joseph, Arundell.

England leveled the series with a fantastic win in Brisbane. (AFP /AFP via Getty Images)
England leveled the series with a fantastic win in Brisbane. (AFP /AFP via Getty Images)

Australia team news

09:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Australia have also been forced to shuffle their hand. Coach Dave Rennie has made four changes to his starting XV, and more on his bench.

Reece Hodge comes in at full-back after Australia lost three No15s to injury, while Nick Frost and Harry Wilson come into the pack. The veteran James Slipper starts on the loosehead.

James O’Connor is dropped from the bench, but Suliasi Vunivalu – a former NRL star – could make his debut in the backs.

“We have been lacking that [intensity] with the Wallabies for our first 20 minutes, so if we can bring that up and shut the Pommies up, we’ll do a good job,” Vunivalu said.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

England team news: Danny Care one of three changes

08:43 , Jonathan Gorrie

Jones has recalled the experience of Danny Care as one of three changes to his starting XV for Saturday’s series decider.

The win in Brisbane came at a cost for England. After they lost Tom Curry to concussion in Perth, Maro Itoje and Sam Underhill also suffered tour-ending brain injuries, stretching resources up front. Northampton captain Lewis Ludlam, who has been impressive off the bench in both the first two Tests, becomes the third man to wear the No7 jersey for England in this series.

With Charlie Ewels and Joe Launchbury injured, Itoje’s absence is more difficult to cover, but Leicester’s Ollie Chessum comes into the second row for his first Test start, alongside Jonny Hill.

Nick Isiekwe and Jack Willis are poised to make their first appearances of the tour from the bench. Wasps flanker Willis was named on the bench last week but withdrew with an injury suffered in training. Last week, Jones overhauled his backline, but he has limited himself to one tactical change this week. Jack van Poortvliet, who made his first start and won man of the match, drops to the bench, with veteran Care starting.

At 21, van Poortvliet is the oldest back on England’s bench, as he lines up alongside the London Irish 19-year-olds Will Joseph and Henry Arundell, who have both made their debuts on this tour.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Australia vs England

08:33 , Jonathan Gorrie

TV channel: In the UK, Australia vs England will be shown live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Action, with coverage beginning at 10:15am.

Live stream: Subscribers can also watch the action unfold live online using the Sky Go app.

Live coverage: You can follow the game on Saturday morning with Standard Sport’s LIVE match blog.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


Friday 15 July 2022 10:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

Good morning and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of England third and final Test against Australia.

A mouth-watering decider ahead, kick-off from the Syndey Cricket Ground is at 10.55am BST.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
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