Australian Police Hilariously Put Out A Bulletin After Margot Robbie Was 'Robbed' Of An Oscar Nomination, And I Can't Get Enough

 Margot Robbie as Barbie looking shocked.
Margot Robbie as Barbie looking shocked.

The 2024 Oscar nominees had some expected Best Actress choices worthy of a nomination like Emma Stone in Poor Things and Lily Gladstone in Killers of the Flower Moon to name a couple. But like every year, there’s been some surprises and upsets like Barbie’s Greta Gerwig getting snubbed for Best Director and Margot Robbie for Best Actress. But what I can’t get enough of is the Australian police showing their support for the Queensland native by putting out a hilarious bulletin of her being “robbed” of an Oscar nomination.

It was a social media outcry when fans discovered that Margot Robbie, who gave an impressionable performance playing the title role in Barbie, was snubbed a Best Actress Oscar nomination. Well, the fans weren’t the only ones who had a problem with Robbie not being among the film’s eight nominations. According to NDTV World, a local police department from the actress’s home country of Australia put out a hysterical bulletin board on Facebook to show their support for the Queensland native. I just can’t stop laughing reading the hilarious caption the Victoria police put out about her being “robbied” of a nomination. Here’s what it said:

POLICE INVESTIGATE AS MARGOT ROBBIED: Police are investigating after a former resident of Ramsay Street was allegedly robbed of an Oscar nomination for best actress. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind all current residents of Ramsay Street and the rest of Victoria, to consider reporting any non-urgent crime, such as theft, via our online reporting tool.

There you have it. The Victoria police have taken it upon themselves to reflect the views of many disappointed social media users who would have loved to have given three cheers to the Barbie actress/producer. What I love the most about that bulletin is prioritizing the crime of Margot Robbie being “robbed” of an Oscar nomination and placing theft under a “non-urgent crime” during this difficult time. This post sure got a kick out of over two thousand people who took the time to “like” the bulletin and gave their props to the Victoria police in the comments.

Social media users and the Victoria police weren’t the only ones dumbfounded by Oscar nominations news. Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera, who were recognized by the Academy as Best Supporting Actor and Actress nominees for Barbie, spoke out about Gerwig and Robbie not getting nominated. The Canadian actor credited her and Greta Gerwig’s “talent, grit, and genius” for helping to make record-breaking box office history for Barbie crossing the billion-dollar mark. Also, he remarked that “there is no Ken without Barbie.” Ferrera showed her love for the I, Tonya actress as well, pointing out that Robbie is a “master” in her book who seamlessly brought out “so much heart and humor and depth and joy and fun to the character.”

It’s absolutely true that Margot Robbie brought humor and emotional depth into the role of a doll on a journey to explore the importance of being human and allowing herself to feel these newfound emotions. People who attended the screening of Barbie felt the Focus actress gave an “endearing, memorable” performance, and critics who saw Barbie felt that Robbie “sparkles at the center of the film.” While the Golden Globe nominee may not have been recognized this year at the Oscars for her acting, she was at least recognized for her work as the film's producer by the Producers Guild of America. She’s also got the upcoming Screen Actors Guild, the BAFTAs, and the People’s Choice Awards where she can hopefully score a win there for her performance.

Margot Robbie’s stellar role as Barbie may have been missed by the Oscars. On the other hand, the fans, the cast of Barbie, and apparently, the Victoria police acknowledge her as an actress worthy of an Oscar nomination. I’m still astonished and laughing on the inside that the police department showed their support for Robbie through that hilarious bulletin. If only all actresses could be praised that way by law enforcement officials.

To refresh your memory of Robbie killing it in the Best Picture-nominated film, it’s available to watch on your Max subscription.