It's awards season, and that means only one thing — spotting celebrities noshing on In-N-Out burgers

It's awards season, and that means only one thing — spotting celebrities noshing on In-N-Out burgers
  • In-N-Out is a California fast-food institution whose burgers are loved by a bevy of Hollywood elite.

  • A photo of actor Paul Giamatti eating at In-N-Out after his Golden Globe win went viral this month.

  • He's not alone. The chain is known for serving burgers to celebrities after red-carpet events.

It's the red carpet season in Hollywood, and that means only one thing – spotting starving celebrities feasting on In-N-Out once the awards ceremony is over.

The California fast-food institution, born as a drive-up burger shack 75 years ago, is a familiar stop for celebrities looking to celebrate an Oscar, Emmy, or Golden Globe win. That was true earlier this month when a photo of actor Paul Giamatti eating at In-N-Out went viral. The actor's newly won Golden Globe for his performance in "The Holdovers" was nestled next to a tray of burgers and fries at the fast-food chain.

Less than a week later, Giamatti joked about the viral photo after nabbing Best Actor at the Critics Choice Awards.

"Wow, guys, I didn't think my week could get any better than going viral for eating a cheeseburger," he said, as reported by Deadline.

Giamatti is not the only celebrity known to nosh on In-N-Out after a red-carpet appearance.

Hordes of Hollywood elite have noshed on the chain's burgers during private after-parties. Others like Giamatti go directly to the source – dining at the restaurant. Over the years, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Ang Lee, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Rita Wilson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Dan Levy have all been spotted devouring burgers after an awards ceremony.

It's a badge of honor for In-N-Out.

"We're often at Oscar parties, on movie sets – you name it," In-N-Out's billionaire owner Lynsi Snyder wrote in her new book, "The Ins-N-Outs of In-N-Out Burger."

Celebrities like Roberts and Sudeikis have shared their visits on Instagram.

In January 2019, after the Golden Globes, Roberts famously posted a selfie of her and her husband kissing next to an In-N-Out burger. She wrote on her Instagram page: "Fun Night W My Fella. Congratulations to All! And to all a good ( burger) night."

During the Academy Awards, Vanity Fair after-party attendees don't have to jump in a car to get their In-N-Out fix. The exclusive post-ceremony celebration has featured the In-N-Out cookout truck for many years. One year, the chain served 1,424 burgers at the post-Oscar party, Vanity Fair reported in 2014.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, two days after his photo went viral, Giamatti said his go-to burger is a Double-Double with raw onions.

"I'm pleased I provided America with a little diversion, my need for an In-N-Out burger. I'm obsessed with In-N-Out, so I just had to have it," he told the magazine on January 10.

Then, he was informed of something he didn't know.

If he should end up attending the Academy Awards this year, Vanity Fair will have the In-N-Out truck at its after-party – all night long. A stunned Giamatti replied: "What? Seriously? A truck pulls up, and it just serves you In-N-Out Burger? Are you serious? Such a thing exists?" The awards ceremony is slated for March 10.

Beyond awards season, In-N-Out has been a beloved staple for decades among Hollywood stars and celebrity chefs ranging from Bob Hope to Paris Hilton.

"French Laundry chef Thomas Keller served Double-Doubles at the Napa restaurant's anniversary party," D Magazine writes in a profile of the chain. "Tom Hanks had the burgers delivered to cast and crew on the set of The Green Mile. Paris Hilton famously claimed she was on her way to In-N-Out when she was pulled over for a DUI."

And, years ago, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain told this reporter that his favorite fast-food meal was an Animal Style burger at In-N-Out.

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