Ayo Edebiri Went Viral On TikTok For Revealing She Was Grounded Over A Matthew Macfadyen As Mr. Darcy Desktop Photo, And Pride And Prejudice Fans Have A+ Comments

 Ayo Edebiri, Matthew Macfadyen.
Ayo Edebiri, Matthew Macfadyen.

The 75th annual Emmy Awards gifted us with big wins and plenty of joyful celebrity run-ins, from good-natured jibes between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin to that nostalgia-inducing Grey's Anatomy reunion between Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo. However, one of our favorite encounters from the night was between Succession star Matthew Macfadyen and The Bear's Ayo Edebiri regarding Pride and Prejudice and how it got the actress grounded.

The TV stars had a lot in common on Monday night, with their respective shows dominating the awards and each actor taking home an individual trophy — Macfadyen for his role as "human grease stain" Tom Wambsgans in the HBO drama and Edebiri for playing talented young chef Sydney Adamu in the FX comedy. But it looks like their connection runs even deeper, because in between giving updates on The Bear Season 3, the actress hilariously revealed that her childhood crush on the actor's Mr. Darcy once got her grounded, and TikTok is loving it.

What Did Ayo Edebiri Say About Matthew Macfadyen?

Per a TikTok post from Entertainment Tonight, The Bear cast's leading lady told the Succession cast member backstage at Monday night's ceremony that she was grounded by her father when she was young, because she had a screensaver of Macfadyen as the swoon-worthy Mr. Darcy from 2005's Pride and Prejudice adaptation.

In the clip, you can see the actors cracking up over the story, with Edebiri impersonating her stern dad:

I got grounded because my dad was like, 'Who is this man? Who is this guy in the coat, with the beautiful hair?'

How To Watch Succession And The Bear

Ayo Edebiri as Sydney looking a little concerned in the finale of The Bear.
Ayo Edebiri as Sydney looking a little concerned in the finale of The Bear.

You can stream Succession with a Max subscription, and The Bear can be seen through a Hulu subscription.

The British actor, of course, portrayed Jane Austen's moody and mysterious Mr. Darcy in the Joe Wright-directed drama, opposite Keira Knightley's Elizabeth Bennet. His memorable take on the character included a rain-drenched proposal, a sexually-charged hand flex and a lengthy sequence in which his Darcy hunkily strides through a dewy field toward Knightley's heroine while wearing a flimsy white shirt and a floor-length duster. So, it makes sense why he was the actress's background.

However, Macfadyen wasn't remotely offended by her father's censorship. Himself a father of two, the actor jokingly told the outlet:

Good parenting. It's good parenting. And no, I haven’t heard that one before—it’s good!

It wouldn't be the only Succession-meets-The Bear crossover of the night — we also spotted a backstage hug between Macfadyen's onscreen spouse Sarah Snook and Edebiri's co-star Ebon Moss-Bachrach (both of whom also took home their own Emmys as Lead Actress and Supporting Actor, respectively) during Monday's telecast.

But the sweet, silly moment between Ayo and Matthew was the one that seemingly bewitched fans' bodies and souls, and many took to TikTok to discuss the encounter.

TikTok Reacts To Ayo Edebiri And Matthew Macfadyen's Moment

There were seemingly a lot of Pride and Prejudice diehards in those TikTok comments, with many praising Edebiri for relatably being a "Mr. Darcy girly":

  • "As if I couldn’t like Ayo enough 🥲 she understand the love for Mr. Darcy 🫶🏻" - Lr0.8

  • "She’s living the fan girl dream😂😂👏👏👏" - djmelusina1

  • "With the beautiful hair. She’s so real for that" - Clydie

  • "She’s the goat for loving the guy in the coat 😂✨" - Jacqueline Conde

  • "She shot her shot. Yes. If I ever get the chance, me. 😂" - Melonie

And others were absolutely shocked that the guy behind icky Tom Wambsgans is also the star of one of the best romantic movies around:

  • "…. HES MR. DARCY??? WAITTT WHAT" - Jasmine

  • "THAT'S WHERE IVE SEEN HIM BEFORE" - Pandalandalopalis

  • "Wait….. he was Darcy?!?! Whhhhaaaattt!!!! Did you guys know? Tell me I’m not alone!! 😐😳" - Moni

So, yes, it seems like Ayo Edebiri has a lot of company in wanting to love up on Matthew Macfadyen. And it proves that everybody's got an embarrassing childhood crush that might get them in trouble...even Emmy winners!