“Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer on the 'most awkward' blooper you didn't see

The host also reacts to other big "Women Tell All" topics, including the online hate aimed at contestants.

Each week during The Bachelor, host Jesse Palmer will answer a few questions about Joey's "journey" to find "love." Today, Jesse shares his thoughts via email about getting to the bottom of the Maria-Sydney-Lea drama, the toxic online hate aimed at Rachel, and the bro-hug blooper you didn't see.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Joey spent the first half of the Women Tell All hanging out backstage — but what happened to his shirt?

JESSE PALMER: Just like in tennis, shirts are optional for Joey when it comes to any racquet/paddle sport. 

<p>ABC</p> Some picture-in-picture silliness on 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All'


Some picture-in-picture silliness on 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All'

Every season contestants rehash the season's drama on WTA, but this time around it seemed like the women — specifically Maria, Lea, and Sydney — were really trying to get to a place of mutual understanding. What did you think of their conversations over the course of the evening?

Coming into this WTA, I wasn’t sure if there would be any resolution to the drama. The ladies came in with the intention of speaking their truths, but also with the aim of finding some sort of closure together.  

There can be a lot of cross-talk/shouting at the WTA, and you're the referee. Approximately how many times over the course of the evening do you think you said the word "ladies" while attempting to get control of the conversation?

I counted at least 5 or 6 times.

<p>ABC</p> Jesse Palmer tries to get control of the situation on 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All'


Jesse Palmer tries to get control of the situation on 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All'

This week we learned that Joey sent Rachel home, but the even bigger shock was hearing about all the hate and racism she received online. You mentioned there's been a "noticeable rise in hate" this season — why was it so important to make time for this discussion during the WTA?

This show may seem easy to watch and judge, but these are incredible, real women, and it’s important for people to see that their words have consequences beyond the comment section. I hope the conversations we had during the Women Tell All shed light on the real damage that occurs when people spread hate online.

The bloopers were great — but none involved you. Please tell us your most embarrassing moment from the season that didn't make it to the blooper reel.

Joey and I quite possibly shared the most awkward bro-hug in the history of Bachelor Nation right before the rose ceremony in Malta. Joey went in the for hug, but I only offered a firm handshake due to the momentous occasion. It ended with Joey's head on my shoulder while I patted his back. We both looked and felt so uncomfortable. The next day in Spain, Joey walked up to me and said, "We need to talk about that hug last night, that was awful."

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