The Bachelor Spoilers: Joey Graziadei Is Dating Sisters. How Long Do They Each Last On Season 28?

 Allison Hollinger, Lauren Hollinger and Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor.
Allison Hollinger, Lauren Hollinger and Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor.

Spoiler alert! This story contains rumors about episodes of The Bachelor Season 28 that have not aired yet. Proceed with caution!

There have been some pretty amusing season premiere twists in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette history. Charity Lawson’s brother donning a disguise and posing as a bartender in order to eavesdrop on her suitors comes to mind, but something that happened on Night 1 of Joey Graziadei’s journey surprised both the contestants and the Bachelor himself. Two of the women who arrived in limos to date the 28-year-old tennis player were revealed to be sisters. So just how long will Allison and Lauren Hollinger have to share a boyfriend? Keep reading to find out if and when the Season 28 contestants will be eliminated.

Allison, 26, and Lauren, 28, introduced themselves to Joey Graziadei separately, saying they intended to keep their familial ways a secret from the other women and from Joey until he got to know them better as individuals. That plan didn’t last long, and when they came clean, everyone seemed a little perplexed as to why they would choose to be on the show together and how it was supposed to work. Well, according to Reality Steve, the Hollinger sisters won’t be overlapping for long. The blogger reveals that before Week 2 comes to a close, the elder sister will step aside, writing:

Lauren Hollinger eliminated herself during the cocktail party. Thought her sister Allison liked him more and she wasn’t feeling it so she left.

Reality Steve reports that during the upcoming January 29 episode of The Bachelor, there will be two group dates, with one sister participating in each of those. Apparently Joey Graziadei will continue to form a bond with the younger sister, and Lauren chooses to exit before the rose ceremony even occurs.

This is hardly surprising, given the tension that had already started to build between them in the season premiere. Both women said they wanted to be the first to kiss the Bachelor, but Allison won that, and Lauren was clearly jealous. The 26-year-old realtor was also the first contestant overall to receive a rose at the rose ceremony, while the registered nurse Lauren had to wait until last.

We’ll have to see how it all plays out on the episode, but if Lauren Hollinger really does think her sister has a stronger connection with Joey Graziadei, it's pretty decent of her to step aside and let Allison explore those feelings without being under the watchful eye of her sister. In the end, though, the connection allegedly doesn’t turn out to be a lasting one, as Reality Steve reports that Allison will be eliminated in the Week 4 rose ceremony.

If you want to see which contestants are hanging around until the end of the season, you can find our spoiler for who Joey Graziadei chooses here. The Bachelor Season 28 continues at 8 p.m. ET Monday, January 29, on ABC, and episodes are available to stream the next day with a Hulu subscription. Be sure to also check out our 2024 TV schedule to see what other premieres are coming up.