‘Bachelorette’ Guys Blast Lee for Racist and Sexist Comments

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Things got pretty tense on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All when the panel told Lee that he’s racist. It was revealed after the season started that Lee had sent some sexist and racist tweets, including one in which he compared the NAACP to the KKK. As a result, many of the guys had questions for Lee. Josiah asked the one that had been on everyone’s minds. Josiah sat next to Lee on the couch, opposite Chris Harrison, and asked, “If you’re comparing them [NAACP] to the KKK, people who hung my ancestors, why are you trying to date a woman who looks like me?”

Lee stuttered and stammered his way through the evening, offering up a lot of half-hearted apologies. But the guys weren’t going to let him get off that easily. Dean pointed out that Lee’s apologies were coming a little too late, saying, “The timing makes sense for you now, but you should have done this s*** two months ago.” Instead of simply admitting that what he tweeted was racist and sexist, Lee skirted the issue and said, “I did not intend for it to come out the way that it did.”

Lee Finally Admits to Being Racist

In the end, the guys finally got the apology they wanted, and Lee admitted that his tweet was racist. He even hugged it out with Kenny, who was the guy he fought with the most on the show. After the guys said their piece, Rachel came out with an offer for Lee. She told him, “Please know that you can exit stage left and meet me backstage, and I’d be more than happy to give you a black history lesson, a lesson on women’s rights! You know what I’m saying?

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