How a ‘bad joke’ resulted in Emma Stone starring in ‘The Curse’

Richard Foreman Jr./A24/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Emma Stone is proving that it is very easy to sometimes misconstrue the meaning of a text message.

The “Poor Things” actress appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where she revealed how a misunderstood text exchange led to her becoming involved in “The Curse,” Showtime’s dark comedy series that she starred in last year alongside Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie.

Stone explained that Fielder, who she said she knew through mutual friends, texted her one day to ask if she wanted to “do this show that Benny Safdie and I have created.”

Within 30 seconds, Stone texted him back saying, “Yes, I love it. I love the concept. I love the character. The premise, wow. Yeah, I’ll do it.’”

Stone continued to say that Fielder hadn’t given her any actual information about the show at that point, “so I thought that would land as a joke but, it didn’t, apparently,” because Fielder then enthusiastically suggested the three of them schedule a phone call.

Once on the call, “They were like, ‘Wait, you know nothing about it? You know absolutely nothing, so we have to explain this to you?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah,’” she said.

“It was a good example of when a bad joke that doesn’t land gets you tied into a 10-episode series,” Stone told Colbert, with a laugh.

“The Curse” debuted in November and follows a couple, played by Fielder and Stone, who live in a town in New Mexico that they are, as Stone explained, “trying to ‘consciously rejuvenate’” by building eco-friendly homes in the area.

After Fielder’s character gets cursed in the first episode, the devolution of their relationship plays out throughout the series.

Despite the hilarious textual misunderstanding, Stone said on Tuesday’s episode that she “loved it” and was “very excited” about the project.

She went on to earn a Golden Globe nomination earlier this month for her performance in the series.

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