Bafta winner Bukky Bukray reveals her worst subject at school - drama

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 (Empire Magazine)
(Empire Magazine)

She is the youngest ever winner of BAFTA’s Rising Star Award but that does not count for anything in Bukky Bukray’s drama class as the east Londoner revealed she is expecting her lowest mark in the subject.

The 19-year-old hit the headlines with her debut role in the 2019 film Rocks where she played a teenager looking after her younger brother after their mother abandons them.

The film, shot in and around east London where she lives, was a huge hit and her performance saw her follow names from James McAvoy to John Boyega in winning the prestigious award.

She told Empire Magazine: “It’s been pretty difficult trying to juggle school and acting and I feel like I’m failing tremendously… I’m very open to just being able to balance my life much easier because I’m not confined to a school setting, which is nice.

“Drama is actually my lowest grade, which is ironic. Fingers crossed I get a B!”

The star said there had “been a lot of kindness” towards her from more established actors and name-checked Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya as a particular inspiration.

She said: “Speaking with Daniel Kaluuya was mad to me. People like him do more for people than they know. Watching his performances – especially in Judas and the Black Messiah – feels like a spiritual exchange because of the heart he puts into them.

“Speaking with him after the BAFTAs, he gave me the feeling that not only did I accomplish something but it opened the door to a longer marathon. People don’t get a BAFTA and have these really long careers because of the BAFTA.

“It’s because they’re good actors and they did the work, like Daniel. I feel grateful to have him as someone that I can try and emulate.”

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