Banned football fan failed to hand over passport for England away game

Handley refused to hand over his passport as required <i>(Image: Archant)</i>
Handley refused to hand over his passport as required (Image: Archant)

A football fan from Bolton has been penalised for breaching the terms of a banning order.

Adam Handley was forbidden from attending games in August 2022.

However the 34-year-old found himself back in court recently for the order.

Handley had been required to surrender his passport at the time England were playing Italy away from home in September 2022.

He admitted that he failed to do so – in contravention of the terms of the order.

Handley, from Cramond Walk, Bolton, was fined £25 for the offence and ordered to pay further costs of £95.

The money will be recovered at a rate of £20 each month.

A football banning order is a civic order imposed after a conviction for an offence related to football.

The aim is to prevent hooliganism in football.

They normally ban people from attending football matches and also to specific places such as a pub near a ground for two hours before or two hours after a football ground.

When a football banning order is imposed, the courts must order that a person surrenders their passport while England are playing at an away game or when a tournament is taking place.

This requirement is the one which Handley refused to comply with when England travelled to Italy for matchday five of the Nations League tournament.

A banning order can last between three and 10 years depending on the nature of the offence.

Figures released by the Home Office last year revealed that fans of Bolton had been given the third highest number of these orders in the UK.

The club had been given 46 during this time with only Birmingham City (57) and Millwall (51) being given more.

A football team can also issue a club ban which is different to one enforced by a court.