‘Barbie’s Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera & Kate McKinnon Help Jimmy Kimmel Get To The Oscars — Promo

ABC has dropped the first Oscar promo featuring host Jimmy Kimmel and Barbie stars Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon. The hilarious promo even tackles Greta Gerwig’s Best Director Oscar snub head-on.

It opens with a Helen Mirren voiceover, as Kimmel tries to figure out an Oscars road map to find his way to the big event.

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“Since the dawn of time, men have been getting lost. This is the story of one such dumb-dumb,” says Mirren, before Kimmel finds his way to the home of Weird Barbie (McKinnon).

“You must be Midlife Crisis Ken,” says Weird Barbie as she greets Kimmel, adding “Lost Everything in the Divorce Ken” and “Probably Should’ve Got a Size Up in That Tuxedo Ken?” Nope, says Kimmel.

“I’m hosting the Oscars and I’m lost, and I really need to get back to Hollywood,” he tells Weird Barbie, who responds, “Did you find GPS threatening to your masculinity?”

After studying an Oscars map, the two head off through a re-creation of the Oppenheimer set, where Kimmel takes a jab at his buddy Matt Damon: “That poor, incredibly hideous, disgusting, ugly man!”

At one point, Weird Barbie says, “Hey look, it’s Even Weirder Barbie,” pointing to Bella Baxter, Emma Stone’s undead character in Poor Things. “Hey Bella! She’s my cousin.”

Finally, they land (literally) in the Oscars lobby, where Ferrera delivers her own version of her famous Barbie monologue and ends up reciting all the reasons why hosting the Oscars is the worst gig in Hollywood. “I think what you’re saying is, hosting the Oscars is even harder than being a woman!,” Kimmel exclaims, to which Kimmel is told in no uncertain terms by Ferrera, “No, no, that’s not at all what I’m saying,” as McKinnon shakes her finger at him.

Ken (Gosling), wearing his tie-dye “I Am Kenough” sweatshirt, then appears, climbing into the back seat of the Weird Wagon with a fast-food bag, saying “I got In-N-Out.

“It’s kind this cool social media trend where you get it before the Oscars,” he adds, before taking a sip of his drink.

“Oh hey, Ryan. Um, actually, I think the trend is to have In-N-Out after the Oscars — actually, after you’ve won the Oscar,” Kimmel says.

“Oh, well that’s not gonna happen,” Gosling replies, throwing his In-N-Out burger out of the wagon. “Good thing Greta’s got [Best] Director in the bag.”

“Oh, um, Ryan?” says Ferrera, who then leans and whispers in his ear (likely the news that Gerwig is not nominated in the best director category) — and they all scream.

Barbie is nominated for eight Oscar at this year’s awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay for Gerwig and her husband and co-writer, Noah Baumbach, along with Best Actor for Gosling and Best Supporting Actress for Ferrera.

Star Margot Robbie is nominated in the Best Picture category as a co-producer.

The 96th Academy Awards will be held Sunday, March 10 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and will air live on ABC at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.

You can watch the entire clip above.

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