Bathtub Gin's newest flavour sounds so delicious

bathtub gin lime and orange blossom
Bathtub Gin launches new gin flavourBathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin is celebrating summer in full force with the launch of its new and exciting flavoured gin — Persian Lime & Orange Blossom.

The small batch, award-winning gin brand (who won Gold at the 2022 Gin Masters Awards last year) is known for bringing out some really interesting flavours like a grapefruit and rosemary offering and yuzu and cacao mix. Plus, the brand makes one of our favourite pre-mixed negroni cocktails — which is perfect for taking down to the park on a hot summer's day.

This newest edition, Persian Lime and Orange Blossom, is an elegant bottle of gin and offers an intensely aromatic taste of zesty lime peel, bold juniper berries, a floral orange blossom and gentle spice. The flavours in this gin creates the perfect base for the ultimate G&T and shines when mixed with bitter tonic.

The gin starts off as a London dry gin and is then infused with orange peel and five other fresh botanicals over seven days, leading to the distinctive flavour that gives Bathtub its unique taste.

The bottle is finished with a beautiful hand drawn illustration of a Bathtub filled with Persian Lime and Orange Blossom and the finished with hand wrapped paper, and strung and waxed in Kent.

The suggested cocktail from the brand sounds so delicious — we can't wait to try it...

Persian Lime & Orange Blossom Martini

A simple and delicious cocktail that allows the elegant flavours to shine through, as they mingle with the gently floral vermouth.


  • 60ml Bathtub Gin Persian Lime & Orange Blossom

  • 30ml Lillet Blanc vermouth

  • lemon, for garnishing


  • Add both ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir for at least 15 second. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with lemon oils and zest.

Are you a fan of flavoured gins?

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