Beacon 23 season 1: complete season guide, cast, plot and everything we know about the Lena Headey series

 Lena Headey and Stephan James look up in Beacon 23.
Lena Headey and Stephan James look up in Beacon 23.

Following on the heels of the mysterious From season 2, MGM Plus has a new sci-fi series based on the bestselling book by Hugh Howey. Beacon 23 features Lena Headey and Stephan James in the story of two people who find themselves trapped in the far reaches of space.

Michael Wright, head of MGM Plus, lauded the new series in a press release. "Beacon 23 is a series in the best tradition of thought-provoking genre storytelling. With the incredible vision of Zak Penn and Glen Mazzara, riveting performances by Lena Headey and Stephan James, and an exciting world-building design, Beacon 23 is essential viewing for fans of premium science-fiction drama."

David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, Co-Executive Chairmen of Boat Rocker Media and Boat Rocker Studios, are thrilled to introduce viewers to a new world where nothing is what it seems. "Beacon 23 is a rare psychological thriller whose rich characters and gripping storylines take you to some pretty unexpected places. We’re grateful to our creative partners for helping bring this epic story to life."

Here's everything we know about Beacon 23.

Beacon 23 release date

The first two episodes of Beacon 23 premiered on Sunday, November 12. It's available on MGM Plus in the US and globally wherever MGM Plus International is available.

Beacon 23 episode guide

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 1: "Corbenic"
"An unexpected visitor reaches Beacon 23 and meets the Beacon keeper, Solomon, who helps ships navigate through the space travel hazards. But soon the visitor finds a dark secret and threatens to expose it."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 2: "Wreckers"
"As Wreckers force their way onboard, trying to steal a prise, Aster's only hope to survive remains in finding common ground with the enemy and putting her trust in them."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 3: "Why Can't We Go On As Three?"
"In shock after her first kill, Aster buries her feelings as she and Halan prepare for QTA Manager Coley to arrive on the beacon; Coley immediately distrusts Halan and sees him as a threat, forcing Aster to make a tough decision."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 4: "God in the Machine"
"In the early days of Beacon 23's history, Sophie receives a surprise visit from Milan Aleph, the awkward genius responsible for beacons, which results in her AI acting up."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5: "Rocky"
"Aster and Halan work on discovering the latter's past when they find a connection between him and the rocks they found. They soon discover something that will alter both of their lives."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 6: "Beacon 23"
"Takes a dive back in time to explore how the rocks first appeared on Beacon 23."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 7: "End Transmission"
"An organization known as 'The Column' arrives at Beacon 23, revealing even more about the rocks."

Beacon 23 season 1 episode 8: "Adamantine"
"As a result of Bart's action, the QTA Mothership descends on Beacon 23 and compels Aster to make a life-or-death decision for all onboard."

Beacon 23 plot

Take a look at the synopsis of Beacon 23 from MGM Plus:

"Beacon 23 takes place in the farthest reaches of the Milky Way and follows Aster (Lena Headey), a government agent, and Halan (Stephan James), a stoic ex-military man, whose fates become entangled after they find themselves trapped together inside one of many Beacons that serve as a lighthouse for intergalactic travelers. Every Beacon is run by one highly trained human and a specialized Artificial Intelligence. Aster mysteriously finds her way to the lonely Beacon-keeper Halan, and a tense battle of wills unfolds. Halan begins to question whether Aster is friend or foe, as her ability to disguise her agenda and motives could make her a formidable opponent."

Beacon 23 cast

Lena Headey is perhaps best known for her role as Cersei in the HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones. She's also been in several big movies like 300, The Remains of the Day, Dredd and Possession. On the TV side, she's been in shows like White House Plumbers, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Stephan James starred in Race and received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Homecoming. He also played Alonzo in If Beale Street Could Talk. Most recently he played Baden in Surface.

Beacon 23 trailer

There's no trailer for Beacon 23 yet, but we expect to see it soon. Once it's available we'll have it for you right here.

How to watch Beacon 23

Beacon 23 is an MGM Plus original series. You can subscribe to MGM Plus through your cable TV provider or subscribe to the streaming service directly. MGM Plus is also available through Philo, Roku, Prime Video, Apple TV and YouTube TV.