Bears' Mitchell Trubisky has fifth-year option declined, and Twitter has jokes about it

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The clock is ticking down on the Mitchell Trubisky era in Chicago, it appears, after the Bears declined his fifth-year option on Saturday. Really, it was an expected conclusion after GM Ryan Pace pulled the trigger on a Nick Foles trade in March.

The Trubisky era in Chicago is going to be one that's looked back on with some level of confusion. As one of the big three quarterbacks who came out of the 2017 draft — the others being Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes — Trubisky's tenure with the Bears has been shaky at times, putting it lightly. The North Carolina product has dealt with accuracy issues, inconsistencies and injuries during his pairing with Matt Nagy, and now the sands in the hourglass are draining down.

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Trubisky's sophomore season showed some promise, helping guide the Bears to a 12-win season in which he threw 24 touchdowns to 12 interceptions and 3,223 yards. An injury sidelined him for a few games.

Even with limited sights of promise, Trubisky has been the focal point of ire among all fans — including Bears fans — since entering the league and being selected at No. 2 overall. So, needless to say, the Tweet machine had some entertaining thoughts on Trubisky's future.

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