Beattie returns to multi-sport Games a decade on from London Olympics

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Lynne Beattie will compete as part of Team Scotland at the Commonwealth Games

By Megan Armitage, Sportsbeat

The last time Glasgow's Lynne Beattie competed in a multi-sport event in the UK, she captained Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This summer, the beach volleyball player will be in action for Team Scotland in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and is thrilled to soak up the environment once again.

Beach Volleyball made its Commonwealth Games debut in 2018 which meant that Beattie missed out on competing at a home Games in Glasgow.

But in 2018, Beattie and her partner Melissa Coutts reached the quarterfinals of the maiden Games, ending their campaign in a loss to eventual gold medallists Canada.

With the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games set to inspire people and communities across the country this summer, Beattie hopes sharing her story will give others motivation to get involved in sport and turn their dreams into reality.

She said: "Being part of that multi-sport environment as well is something that you can't really prepare for until you've done it.

"So having that experience behind us from the Gold Coast will really help us this time.

"I think just being able to soak it in and enjoy it as well.

"You're hearing friends and family who are going to travel down for support and when we were on the Gold Coast it felt so far away from everything at home that your kind of in this bubble.

"I think it will be very different this time but good different, it's right in the centre of Birmingham so it's going to be really exciting."

This summer, Team Scotland, supported by funding raised by National Lottery players, will compromise of over 250 athletes, and having secured her place on the squad, Beattie is looking for medal success.

Beattie and Coutts formed their pairing back in 2015 and have developed a strong friendship on and off the court which has aided their success.

Reflecting on their strengths, Beattie glimpsed back to one of their first competitions together at the 2015 Continental Cup and the first moments they knew their partnership was meant to be.

She said: "You don't have that coach on the court or any subs like the indoors Games. It's very much the two of you out there exposed and you must solve the problems as you go through the match.

"Really early on for us there was the Continental Cup and we had probably not played that many competitive matches together.

"We beat a really good team who were really experienced in a third set match, so I think at that point we thought we're both individually good players, but we're just gone through a tough match and got a good result against a really good team.

"So, let's push on and see what we can do."

The Edinburgh Beach Volleyball Club athletes joined in with the Queen's Baton Relay in the lead up to the Birmingham Games and were pleased to see so much support for their sport.

Beattie said: "It was a pretty proud moment because you see all the Instagram stories and where the baton's been and to get the opportunity to be a part of that is pretty special.

“Across the country now there's clubs springing up for beach volleyball that's never really happened before, so I think, even from the Gold Coast, that we've had the momentum going.

"More high-profile events are happening across the country, so it's definitely growing, and I think having a multi-sport Games in England will only push it further forward.

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