‘The Beavers’ succumb to a strong Farnborough side - Gabriel Kelly, Hampton School

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'The Beavers' lose on home turf <i>(Image: Unsplash)</i>
'The Beavers' lose on home turf (Image: Unsplash)

Despite a recent lift in form for the mid-table side Hampton and Richmond Borough F.C. (the Beavers’), they suffered a painfully close loss to a rather impressive Farnborough side. Due to Hampton and Richmond’s winning streaks in recent weeks, locals have rushed to the Beaver Stadium, home of ‘The Beavers, to offer their support to the ever-improving Hampton and Richmond.

Before the game began, the atmosphere in the Beveree was electric. Fans simply could not contain their excitement before the game and were hopeful for a win, to say the least. Speaking to Noah Kelly before the game, a local student who has always admired the home team, he mentioned that the fans here are always incredible, win or lose. You can always feel a certain sense of community and togetherness at ‘the Bev, which you will never feel at a Premier League club. Up The Beavers! ’ 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough have brought in some fine additions to the club over the last few years, which have certainly been noticeable over the last few games. Young prospects have been expertly selected and brought in by ‘The Beavers’, with some homegrown talents staying with their local side as well as younger players coming in from well-known clubs in higher divisions. Hampton and Richmond, currently playing in the National League South, will certainly have aspirations in the future to reach one of those higher leagues. With their recent run of wins, this dream could certainly become a reality for the team.

However, despite the recent run in form, Hampton and Richmond were unfortunately defeated last Saturday, March 25. Despite ‘The Beavers’ producing some excellent plays in the second half, a goal from Jonathan Charles Page, a midfielder for Farnborough, opened up the scoreline in the match in the 73rd minute. However, Hampton and Richmond kept their heads high and continued to find chances in the late stages of the game. A few shots that were excellently placed were deflected by Farnborough defenders, and in the end, Hampton and Richmond were provided with an excruciating loss.

Perhaps undeservedly, Hampton and Richmond walked away with a loss, despite a splendid and nail-biting experience in the Beveree. Overall, this local match was an absolute delight to watch and a great way to spend a Spring Saturday afternoon. Locals should remember the name of this promising team, for ‘The Beavers’ will come back better than ever in their next fixture.