Behold: Travis Kelce’s Most Delightfully Chaotic Tweets

chicago bears v kansas city chiefs

It’s me, hi, I’m back with another post about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s blossoming romance (well, sort of). If you’ve been keeping up, then you know that #Tayvis is in full force—especially since the Kansas City tight end paid her a visit at the Eras Tour in Argentina on November 12. Taylor famously gave him a v public shout-out with her “Karma” lyric change, which means that she’s 👏 serious 👏 about their ’ship. Naturally, Swifties have gone snooping on the web for some intel on her new beau, and dear reader, they have found the most *delightfully* chaotic tweets.

A look into Travis’s mind circa 2009–2011 is quite the journey as he’s giving beloved himbo/“Just Ken” energy. I’d describe the sensation myself, but my fellow Swifties pretty much nailed it with their own tweets. Ahem:

Now, without ~ further ado~, here’s how Twitter user @tkelce started out as the guy with the tweets rather than “the guy on the Chiefs.”

First things first...the “Squirle”

2011 Travis, you would’ve *loved* Grammarly.

Olive Garden strikes again

No one:

Este in “No Body, No Crime”:

This prophecy

Not him predicting “Bejeweled”!

The universal experience of losing your phone

Alexa, play “Phone,” by Lizzo.

His thoughts on birthdays

Honestly, so real of him.

The best part of the day

Me, about...five minutes after I’ve scrolled through some emails.


I can’t think of anything with more delightful himbo energy.

The #Chipotle of it all

Would not be surprised if we see this man in a Chipotle ad in the near future.

...and his commitment to that spelling

I’d personally like to thank Twitter user @arianadotgov for putting in the work here.

This surprisingly insightful post

Okay, his range... 👀

’Kay! That’s all for now. Hit us with some more of your favorite Travis Tweets™️ @cosmopolitan.

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