Bengaluru FC's Carles Cuadrat- Scoring goals has been difficult

After facing their first defeat of the season, Bengaluru FC are gearing up for test in Guwahati against NorthEast United on Wednesday. Head coach Carles Cuadrat remains confident of his team's abilities and is in awe of his players' never-give-up attitude. 

Ahead of their clash against NorthEast United, Cuadrat said, "I am not happy of course but it also shows the consistency of the team. We are a team that has never lost a game with more than one goal difference since I have been the coach. It tells that we are a very competitive team, we arrive until the last moment of the game with an option to get one point or even three points.

"Against Mumbai City, from the starting, you could see that the game was not going well for us because we conceded the goal in the 12th minute. But we managed to come back twice. After Sunil scored the penalty, all the players were running very fast to try and get another goal in the last minute."

He continued, "So this is the spirit of my team. It shows you we are very competitive and we try to get as many points as we can get. Sometimes you pay for that. We lost seven points from moments in extra time. 

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"We have to change the dynamic. Last season we were getting points in the last moment of the game. This season that has changed. But it is our work to keep trying, there is a lot of things in football," he added.  

Redeem Tlang NorthEast United FC Goa ISL 6
Redeem Tlang NorthEast United FC Goa ISL 6

The defending champions are currently in the third position with thirteen points, scoring only nine goals. While the defence has been exemplary, the same cannot be said about the team's forward line which has misfired. 

"Last year we were champions but we lost an important player. The management decided to go off for another player because there was not enough money to pay for that kind of player. All the teams are getting foreigner transfers and getting the goals. (Amine) Chermiti for Mumbai, Aridane (Santana) for Odisha and (Sergio) Castel for Jamshedpur. We have been unlucky about the situation now

"We have talents but you cannot always put them under pressure. I come from Barcelona culture and we know how to put a player in the first team and lose that player forever." He opined, "Ashique is with 0 assists and 0 goals and Udanta only scored one goal. So, of course, we have problems that way but at the same time, we work in a way where they help us defensively. That’s the reason they are national team players.

"They are my players, and I am trying to teach them as fast as I can. I know what I have in my hands, I know what we are doing. We will try to be positive. Except for the Chennaiyin game where we scored 3-0, the rest of the games has been difficult for us in terms of scoring goals, this is a fact." 


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