Bennett wants 'disrespectful' head tap stamped out in NRL

Brisbane Broncos boss Wayne Bennett has described patronising head taps as "rubbish behaviour" and bad for the sport.

Wayne Bennett said it is time for NRL chiefs to stamp out "disrespectful" head taps from players when opponents make a mistake.

The NRL Competition Committee this week decided that referees should be encouraged to send players to the sin bin if they slap a rival player.

Brisbane Broncos coach Bennett also wants those who add insult to injury by tapping a player from the other side on the head after a gaffe to be punished, as he thinks such conduct is bad for rugby league.

"There are a few things we need to tidy up. The other one I can't handle is patting someone on the head when they've made a mistake," Bennett said.  

"That's rubbish behaviour. It shouldn't be allowed to happen. I think the head tap is disrespectful. I really do.

"Everything we do today is about our image and that doesn't give the right image.

"When opposition players are running in and hitting you on the head or on the back because you've just made a mistake... That's not what football is about. 

"I don't want my players doing that. I've told them that."

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