Best bike floor pumps

Mildred Locke
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 Best bike floor pumps
Best bike floor pumps

Choosing the best bike pump is very much dependent on your tire inflation needs. If you're looking for a pump to quickly top up your tires before you head out the door, you'll likely want a floor pump.

Punctures are a pet peeve for any cyclist. They can strike at any time no matter how robust your tires might be - even chunky mountain bike tires aren't immune.

Having a good pump at hand is important to avoid being stranded at the side of the road or sitting at home unable to go for a ride because of a flat tire. Floor pumps are the best for big inflation duties, be that at home or in the car park before a race.

Otherwise known as track pumps, floor pumps are the most efficient method for inflating tires at home. With a wide steady base, a large air chamber and being able to use your weight to push the handle makes inflation much quicker and easier than a handheld pump. Floor pumps also have long hoses, which makes reaching valves simple, even if a bike is mounted on a work stand.

Most floor pumps will include a pressure gauge so that tire pressure can be set up accurately. An analogue gauge is simple and easy to read, however, some offer digital gauges for easier reading.

As the forces that are put through floor pumps are greater than hand pumps, investing in a high-quality pump - rather than cheaper plastic designs - is worthwhile. Often, high-end brands will offer spare parts and replacement seals should you need to service your floor pump.