Best bouclé furniture: armchairs, cushions, pillows and more

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When it comes to white furniture, the perception has been that it only really works in certain kinds of home - namely, the type with no pets, plants, children, or indeed, clumsy adults who eat, drink or intend to do any sort of living in that space at all. The stuff of showhomes, then.

But some perceptions are there to be blasted and turned on their head. Along with all-things rattan, bouclé has been enjoying pole position in interior trends terms for the last few years (an off-shoot of mid-century modern mania), with more people hankering for fluffy cloud-like furniture and furnishings to give their space heavenly appeal.

Is bouclé easy to clean?

Typically offered in pristine shades of white or cream, bouclé isn’t as hard to maintain as you might think.

French for ‘curl’ or ‘loop’, bouclé’s tightly twisted fibres make it incredibly durable and offer a lower level of absorption, which makes accidental spills simple to clean with a soft cloth or sponge. General cleaning is simpler still - just use your vacuum’s smaller attachments to give it the once over as you do your weekly cleaning rounds.

The fleece-like fabric is typically made from breathable, temperature-regulating wool (making it perfect for all seasons) - although there are also versions in cotton, linen and silk. Cotton and linen furnishings have the advantage of being able to be machine washed.

Bouclé no-no

The thing that will wreck your new bouclé purchase most? Pets. Your moggie or mutt won’t be able to resist clawing at bouclé’s soft nubby texture, pulling the fabric out of shape. It doesn’t rule bouclé out of your home entirely; just keep it in a pet-free zone so you can enjoy it for longer.

You can find all sorts of furniture wrapped in soft and fluffy bouclé. We’ve found the chicest options to help you find your dream piece faster.

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Cult Furniture Wish Wooden Chair, Ivory White Bouclé & Black

Interior design buffs will have seen this style of chair frame lighting up their newsfeeds - you could go so far as to say it’s the dining chair of the moment. If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate the trend, stand out from the sheep by bagging this one which features a bouclé seat for added comfort - not to mention design kudos.

Buy now £169.00, Cult Furniture

Habitat Marshmallow Double Fabric Bed Frame - White Bouclé

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than sinking into a puddle of marshmallowy indulgence. While your mattress will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to bedtime comfort, you can further the pillowy feeling with a bouclé bed frame, available from Habitat in a dreamy creamy hue. The oversized upholstered headboard and short angled legs are extra ticks on the design checklist.

Buy now £440.00, Argos

MADE Bobo Accent Armchair, White Boucle

Like a kid’s nursery school chair come to life, this adorable armchair is made for a single seater only - so there’s no pressure to budge up and share the gorgeously soft bouclé upholstery. The low-rise chair makes a superb statement, either in the living room or in the bedroom and thanks to the neutral colour, can be matched with any shade of pillow or throw.

Also available in moss green or ocean blue recycled velvet. Comes with a 10-year frame guarantee.

Buy now £625.00, MADE

Furniture 123 Round Black Drop Leaf Oak Dining Table with 4 Cream Bouclé Dining Chairs - Carson

Monochrome may be the safe choice when it comes to furniture, but the fact that neutral tones pair with anything means it’s easy to update with fresh flowers, dried bouquet and textiles like pillows, rugs and tablecloths.

Give your dining room a palate-cleansing refresh with this dining set, which features a drop leaf round table (helpful for storage) and four roomy bouclé-covered dining chairs set on legs the same inky black as the table.

Buy now £599.97, Furniture 123

MADE Sete Accent Armchair, Whitewash Boucle

Soft lines and a plump fill, this armchair looks like two marshmallows stuck together - and if that’s not an enticing prospect to sit, we don’t know what it. Designed by Yonoh Studio for MADE, it looks like a ridiculously comfortable place to catch up with telly or curl up with your latest page-turner.

Buy now £750.00, MADE

DUSK Bouclé Sofa Cushion Cover 50cm X 50cm - Off White

A fat cushion made for cuddling on the sofa or propping up against while watching the latest box set is a wonderful thing. What’s more wonderful? A generously sized bouclé cushion cover like this option from bedding brand DUSK, which extends an open invitation to sit and recline in superior comfort.

Buy now £15.30, DUSK

Cult Furniture Haines Office Chair, Ivory White Boucle & Chrome

If you’re going to be WFH on a regular basis, you may as well make it a more comfortable place to be.

Free from the shackles of HR’s rules, you can go to town with your desk space - and that means swapping a fusty office chair or unyielding dining chair for something far more cozy. Yes, bouclé desk chairs are a thing, with all the function of a traditional design paired with the chic aesthetic of the trend.

And, if you don’t like the chrome legs, a gold hue is also an option.

Buy now £149.00, Cult Furniture

Cult Furniture Valerie Ottoman Storage Bench, Ivory White Bouclé & Brass 110cm

If there’s one thing most London homes are short of, it’s adequate storage. Magic up your own while staying true to the bouclé design trend with this storage bench, wrapped in the fluffy stuff and standing on brass coloured legs. Position it at the end of the bed to store away extra bedding and bed linen, or keep in the hallway for somewhere comfy to kick off your shoes.

Buy now £219.00, Cult Furniture

So’home Bouclé Knot Fleece Cushion

If you’re not quite ready to commit triple figures on a new bouclé purchase, a cushion is a great way to get in on the trend without tipping into your overdraft. These cute bouclé knot cushions come in a variety of colours and will make the perfect design-led addition as the days get cooler.

Buy now £27.20, La Redoute

Homary Nordic Boucle Round Vanity Stool Swivel Accent Chair with Low Back

It doesn’t take much to make your home feel refreshed. A simple addition like a chair can give it the lift it needs between seasons. Designed for a dressing table but versatile enough to work in practically all your rooms (including a little perch for your hallway), this boucle vanity stool with a low circular back brings home a serious style statement.

Buy now £399.99, Homary