Best home cleaning gadgets: The vacuums, mops, window cleaners and must-have gadgets for the ultimate clean

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Call it the Mrs Hinch or Marie Kondo-effect but we have found a new collective love of cleaning.

Satisfying pictures of organised cupboards with colour coordinated products all lined perfectly in a row have taken over our Instagram feeds with accounts like @thehomeedit boasting over a million followers.

But if you don’t have the time or the patience to complete the tiring chore of cleaning after a long day in the office, we may have found a solution.

There has been impressive innovation in the cleaning product sphere where you no longer need to spend an entire weekend scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming every inch of your home thanks to gadgets designed to do the work for you – elbow grease not required. Forget clunky traditional vacuums and think robots that navigate themselves around the floor picking up dirt and dust along the way.

We have scoured the Internet far and wide to find clever gadgets and gizmos that will leave your home looking spick and span.

Mops and Floorcare

Kärcher Wiping Mop EWM 2

According to research, commissioned by cleaning experts, Kärcher,​ more than 69 percent of Brits have ditched the mop in favour of modern technology. Because who really wants to push a soggy stick sponge around?

Despite being fairly heavy when not in use, the FC3 is feather-light when it's in action. There is no need to apply any pressure whatsoever, once it's charged you just add cleaning solution and press start.

As the padded wheels spin and polish, the dirty water is sucked into an internal dirty water tank that can be emptied after use. And this is where the FC3 out performs ANY standard mop: it allows you to clean the entire floor with fresh, clean water every time you swipe it across the surface.

Suitable for tiles, stone, laminate and wooden floors—this is the clever cleaner you've been waiting for.

£199.99 | Kärcher

AirCraft PowerGlide

PowerGlide's AirCraft features two rotating, machine-washable pads that will clean and buff hard floors to a mirror shine. No really.

You can spray cleaning solution directly from the refillable tank and clean for a full 40 minutes on one charge. We love that the pads are machine washable, which means less waste and no need to buy refills.

For an easy to use, low-effort cleaning tool this is a great option.

£199.99 | Lakeland

Small cleaning gadgets

Cartoon Mini Owl Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner

Not only will this adorable device look stylish on your desk, but it will also help keep your work space clean and tidy. The mini vacuum will suction dust and dirt – even those tiny hairs and the biscuit crumbs.

£13.99 | Amazon

Microwave Cleaner Angry Mom and Fridge Odor Absorber Cool Mom

These “Mom” gizmos most certainly bring us joy but they are also effective at cleaning your microwave and keeping your fridge free from bad odours.

Fill the fridge option with baking soda and place towards the back of the fridge to remove unwanted odours. For the microwave iteration, just fill with water and the hot steam will dissolve grease and leftover food in a fraction of the time it would take to scrub.

£8.99 | Amazon

TRIXES Keyboard Cleaner

If you have ever turned your keyboard upside down and tapped it a few times, you will notice the sheer amount of crumbs, hair and dirt that live within the keys. Enter this neon green putty that will trap the dirt. It is reusable, easy to clean and has a lime fresh scent.

£3.49 | Amazon

OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

From our watches, to our keyboard, dirt can get trapped in the smallest of spaces and can be very challenging to remove. That’s where this mini cleaning brush comes in handy with a dual ended pen that sweeps away grime from hard to reach areas.

£7 | Amazon

Cordless Vacuums

DYSON V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuums, the competition is fierce, particularly with all the advancements in technology. Dyson has remained one of the best and most sought-after brands on the market. The devices are lightweight and are ideal for quick cleaning and everyday use with a whole host of attachments. This model runs for up to 30 minutes.


£249 | Currys

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you have allergies or own pets this cordless model is an ideal option, converting from a floor vacuum to a hand-held for the car, furniture or stairs.

We like that the neck has a bendy section that makes it particularly easy to get under cabinets and the sofa—it's an absolute expert. This one lasts 40 minutes per full charge.


£219.99 | Shark

Robot Vaccums

Roomba j7+

Imagine a device so sophisticated that it doesn't require any assistance for weeks on end. This robot vacuum is in a cleaning league of its own and the brand’s most thoughtful to date. It learn your room and even specific furniture items to clean. With the Clean Base, it even empties itself into the enclosed bag which you don’t need to replace for up to 60 days.


£899.99 | Amazon

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max

The latest upgrade from the RobotVac line gives you a generous 100 minutes of absentee cleaning, a bigger bin and a stronger suction all while remaining slimmer and quieter than other models.

It also works with Alexa and Google Home and has a remote for when you don’t feel like talking.

£179.99 | Amazon

Patio Cleaning

Kärcher K5 Full Premium Smart Control Home

After you invest in this upgraded power washer, you will wonder how you lived without it. Whether you are looking to revamp your patio after a long winter or your wellies are in need of a little TLC after a particularly muddy trip, the Kärcher K5 has got you covered.


£399.99 | Kärcher

Window Cleaning

GlassVAC Set

If it has got to the point where you can barely see out of your windows, this Bosch vacuum will be a very necessary purchase. Not only will it make them look as good as new but there is something very satisfying about the process.

Works equally well on large mirrors and glass topped coffee tables.

£60.89 | Amazon

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