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 (Shutterstock / Beyond Time)
(Shutterstock / Beyond Time)

No matter how spacious your wardrobe, it seems like there’s never quite enough space for everything.

From your new loungewear pieces which are quickly turning from capsule to the main collection, to the piles of shoes inhabiting one corner, and the jungle vine-like tangles of jewellery strewn all over the dressing table, keeping things looking tidy is one hell of a chore.

Thankfully, several brands have answered the call to our collective chaos with nifty organisers that fit perfectly into wardrobes. Rather than cram a hundred hangers in, you can get special space-saving hooks that allow clothes to hang vertically, making us of dead space and freeing up room. Shoes, watches, scarves and belts can also be suspended from the rail for as little as a fiver.

There are even ways to use the bottom of your closet and capitalise on your wardrobe real estate. Simply stack a few cubes or attach some side shelves for additional storage.

By being able to see everything you do have, it will also help see what’s trash and what’s treasure. Clear out the pieces you no longer wear and bag them up for the charity shop or recycling.

With spring cleaning season on its way, now’s the perfect time to get started on a wardrobe organisation project. Shop our favourite storage and organisational options below.

The Home Edit & iDesign Shelf Divider

Fans of Netflix's The Home Edit will be well aware of the golden rules of organising - divide and conquer. Section your spaces into distinct areas and it's far easier to keep tidy. This transparent divider is pefect for shelves; use it to separate your folded denim, shirts, sweaters and more. It will give your wardrobe and dressing areas the look of a small, personalised store made entirely for you - and what's not to love about that?

The Home Edit
The Home Edit

£10 | John Lewis

The Home Edit has a collection of home organising and storage tools exclusively at John Lewis.

AmazonBasics 4 Cube Wire Storage Shelves - White

If you're partial to the industrial look, these interlocking wire cubes offer a locker-room feel. Measuring 77 x 37 x 77cm, they offer quick and easy storage options for the bottom of the wardrobe. Use them to house your shoes, bags and accessories.


£23.39 | Amazon

Closetmaid Clothes Storage System

An open wardrobe needn't mean a messy one. Bring order to the mess with Closetmaid's organisational product, which features adjustable shelves and rails that are mounted straight onto the wall.

Made from strong and durable vinyl-coated steel wire, the design allows air to circulate and keep your stuff smelling fresh. Changing the configuration is as easy as popping out the brackets and repositioning as you like, making this a great otion for growing kids as well as anyone who likes to change their interiors look occasionally.


£204.99 | Wayfair

Jocca LED Wardrobe Hanger Bar

Not only are these wardrobe lighting additions extremely practical, but they add a glamorous touch to your closet. The lighting rail is available in a range of sizes and is battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about being near a wall socket.

£9.17 | Jocca

Wide Clothes Storage System

Ideal for teen rooms, this cubic storage unit is an inexpensive way to store bulky items. It’s easy to clean and can be placed inside a pre-existing wardrobe or functions as a standalone item.

With a range of shelving and rail configurations, you can personalise it depending on your needs. Assembly is fast as the cubes simply slot together in no time at all. Measures 180.5 x 146 x 37cm.


£159.87 | Wayfair

Design Handbag Organiser with 3 Hooks

Handbags are typically one of the most difficult things to store. While Kris Jenner may have a walk-in wardrobe just for her Birkins, most of us don’t have that same luxury.

However you can make space for your arm candy thanks to this space-saving hanger, designed specifically for bags. Available in chrome, white or bronze, simply hang it over your wardrobe door with no fitting or drilling necessary. Storage in an instant!


£5.99 | Amazon

John Lewis & Partners 9 Section Organiser, Grey

If you're fed up of destroying your perfectly ordered drawers simply by taking out a t-shirt, say hello to this clever solution. Using soft fabric, the organiser divides up space into nine cuby holes, perfect for keeping socks or small accessories like belts untangled. You can get what you need without upsetting the entire contents of your drawer or shelf.

John Lewis
John Lewis

£10 | John Lewis

Space Pro Trouser Rack

Add additional hanging space to your wardrobe with this handy storage option designed for your trousers. Bypassing the need for hangers - which can often take up a lot of space - this stylish option fits quickly and easily into your closet and looks smart with a sleek silver finish.

£36.49 | Wayfair

John Lewis & Partners 6 Hanging Shelves

With six fabric compartments available, this hanging organiser is particularly useful for accessories including shoes, belts and hats. Clothes will also fit nicely while a space at the top provides extra room for easy-to-lose things like jewellery. The neutral colour is also a bonus, working with most bedroom palettes.

John Lewis
John Lewis

£18 | John Lewis

Darwin Walnut effect Internal wardrobe organiser

This B&Q product is particularly unique. The wood effect organiser can be slotted into the side of the wardrobe, creating shelves without much added cost. It is big enough to store shoes and other knick-knacks that you want hidden away and comes in a range of colours to match your existing wardrobe.

£20 | B&Q

H&S 6pcs Wardrobe Clothes Wonder Hanger Hooks

You’ll never have to cram hangers into your wardrobe again with these innovative metal hooks. Either hang horizontally or vertically to give more room. Each slot is perfectly spaced to avoid creases on clothes with one pack of six being ample enough for any standard wardrobe.

£11.99 | Dunelm

Argos Home Clothes Rail

This metal clothes rail comes with three shelves, allowing for clothes to be folded as well as hung up. Shoes can be lined up neatly on the bottom rack. The entire thing is easy to assemble, taking around half an hour for one to two people. It can also be moved from room to room thanks to the castor wheels at each corner.


£45 | Argos

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