Best canned cocktails to try in 2021

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Summer is finally here and that means it’s tinnie time.

With the warmer weather comes the annual allure for cocktails in a can known affectionately by the British public as tinnies due to their aluminium housing.

Warm weather and a cold, fresh can of Pimms, G&T or mojito go hand in hand and each year brands get more and more creative about their premixed canned concoctions. While it was once limited to the basics, you can now find just about any variety of spirit, wine, beer or cider in ready-to-go tinned form with ever-enticing flavour combinations, the innovative introduction of botanicals and even low-sugar and slimline variations.

While they may not offer all the pageantry of traditional mixology, you will be able to enjoy a precisely mixed tipple every time. All you have to do is pour into a glass with ice or better yet, drink straight from the can.

Get your hands on the best canned pre-mixed cocktails now.

Bloody Classic

It's harder than it seems to get a Bloody Mary spot on. From the perfect balance of spice to the right amount of pickle juice, it can be a challenge to budding mixologists everywhere but struggle no longer. Bloody Drinks has launched the UK's first BM in a can. It combines premium vodka, Amontillado sherry and naturally sweet tomatoes from Italy and Spain with the signature Worcestershire and Tabasco and a hint of soy sauce to create a pre-made variety that will tickle the taste buds of even the most die-hard fans of the beverage.

£3 | Sainsbury’s

12x 250ml available at Amazon

Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Passion Fruit

Kopparberg may be best known for its ciders but its the brand's latest launch - the Hard Seltzer - that's caught our attention. The ideal summer drink, it's an alcohol-infused sparkling water that's super refreshing and surprisingly tasty. There are three naturally derived flavours; Black Cherry, Mixed Berries and our personal favourite, the Passion Fruit. They are low in calories (only 93 per can) and free from carbs and gluten.

£2.20 | Tesco

Cantails Gin Paloma

Cantails has mixed up some of our favourite cocktails and housed them in canned form. From a Mojito and a Passionfruit Martini, to a Berry Mule and Hawaiian Spritz, you can enjoy your go-to beverage in an instant. The crowning glory of the range? The Gin Paloma that turns the classic mix on its head with gin over tequila. It is then combined with thyme, bergamot and delicious citrus flavours.

£15 for 5 | Cantails

Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Gin Fizz

For those who prefer their cocktails sweet over sour, let us introduce you to the delicious taste of Edinburgh Gin's Raspberry Gin Fizz. The cocktail in a can was crafted by infusing sparkling wine with the brand's Raspberry Liqueur to create a mix sure to hit the spot.

£2 | Tesco

Long Shot Cocktails Mixed Case

Set to be one of the most popular drinks trends, hard seltzers are everywhere this summer as the perfect warm weather beverage. Created using alcoholic fruit infused sparkling water, Long Shot is spearheading the trend with its range of Grapefruit, Strawberry & Rhubard and Raspberry & Blackcurrant beverages. The drinks are free from anything artificial but are packed with refreshing flavour.

£27.50 for 12 | Long Shot Drinks

Kahlua Espresso Martini

One of the nation’s favourite cocktails, if you can’t get enough of Espresso Martinis, Kahlua has got a treat for you. The coffee liqueur brand behind the key ingredient serve up this premade variety with coffee and vodka.

£1.90 | Waitrose

Passionfruit Mimosa Pre-Mixed Cocktail With Sparkling Wine

Enjoy the sweet taste of summer with this passionfruit mimosa that will help you get into the warm weather spirit whether you are at home or abroad. From Thomas Tipple, it is created using premium ingredients and mixed with the refreshing taste of sparkling wine.

£2.99 | The Food Market

Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic

The hero gin label is offering the classic combination of its spirit with tonic in a premixed variety. With no artificial colours or flavours, enjoy the G&T with its signature taste of juniper and citrus.

£2.50 | Tesco

Blood Orange Old Fashioned

Trial unique and unexpected flavour combinations thanks to Niche Cocktails. From their Matcha Mojito with Brazilian lime, white rum, mint and of course, matcha to their Manuka Whisky Sour with lemon and a hint of caramel. Our personal favourite? The Blood Orange Old Fashioned, expertly mixed with the perfect bitterness.

£24 for 6 | Niche Cocktails

Thomas Tipple Raspberry Bellini

This is a bellini variety that hits the nail on the head in our book. It has a fresh and fruity taste with the premium combination of sparkling wine and raspberry.

£2.99 | The Food Market

Sipsmith Gin And Tonic

Luxe gin label, Sipsmith has combined its classic, traditional signature spirit with the finest tonic water to create a smooth and balanced beverage. A match made in tinny heaven, this sippable drink will be sure to go down a treat and leave you feeling slightly merrier. It is also available in a light variation.

£2.75 | Tesco

Gordons & Tonic With Elderflower

Injecting an infusion of elderflower has become one of our favourite G&T combinations. Gordons has nailed the cocktail with the perfect balance of each serving with a sweet touch.

We recommend serving over a glass of ice with fresh mint – but make sure you clap the leaves between your hands before adding to your beverage to activate the full minty effect. The brand also offer a Pink Gin & Tonic with a raspberry & redcurrant gin and a variation with Slimline Tonic that has just 75 calories per can.

£1.80 | Tesco

Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb Gin & Ginger Ale

Break from your traditional gin and tonic combination with something slightly different. Edinburgh Gin is offering its signature spirit with natural flavourings of pure rhubarb and ginger with a ginger ale counterpart. A unique spicy yet sweet flavour with an intense aroma.

£2.25 | Tesco

Pimm's Ready To Drink

For lazy summer days unwinding in the back garden, you will want this Pimm’s can in hand. The beverage is almost as synonymous with the British summertime as Wimbledon and strawberries and cream.

The quintessential drink combines fruity notes of bitter sweet caramelised orange and citrus.

£1.80 | Tesco

Portobello Road Gin

While tinnies have had a major glow up with endless varieties, sometimes you just want a classic, no-fuss gin in a tin to tickle your taste buds.

Two London-based brands have teamed up to create a timeless blend produced from natural ingredients. The Portobello Road London Dry Gin combines juniper and fresh citrus notes from lemon, bitter orange and coriander with a peppery finish from liquorice and nutmeg that is accompanied by Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water.

£2 | Tesco

Malibu Coconut Rum & Pineapple

Warning: This drink will give you serious holiday vibes. The Malibu tinny is made up of a coconut flavoured Caribbean run given a fruity and tropical pineapple addition that will transport you to the beach with its sweet flavouring.

£1.70 | Tesco

Bodega Bay 'Hard Seltzer': Elderflower with Lemon & Mint

Bodega Bay is offering a low calorie and low sugar variation of the traditional tinny with either extracts of elderflower, lemon and mint or apple, ginger and acai. The naturally flavoured ingredients are added to sparkling spring water and have only 72 calories per can.

£3 | Bodega Bay