10 best essential oil diffusers of 2021

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For many, scenting the home is an extension of home decor.

While we dress our living spaces with nice furniture, fabrics and textures, scent is another way to create an environment that’s your sanctuary from the world.

While everyone adores a scented candle or reed diffuser, it can be tricky to avoid those overpowering cloying one; distracted by fancy packaging, we often don’t realise they’re not high quality until it’s too late.

It’s not an issue that presents itself with an essential oil diffuser, which uses ultrasonic pulses to blend scented essential oils with water before radiating the steam out into the room. They fill the air with gently scented purified air and can help you feel relaxed, energised or focused depending on the oil you choose to use.

Many of them come with additional features like LED lights so you can match the look to your interiors too.

Aside from smelling and looking good, another huge benefit to investing in an essential oil diffuser is to take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy which offers a boost to both your physical and mental health.

And because you can switch oils to your needs - think Lavender before bed or Rosemary when you’re working from home to help you focus - a diffuser offers more flexibility that other home fragrance products.

We’ve gathered the best available to buy right now below, from streamlined designs to high tech devices.

Scroll on to discover our favourites

VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser​

With a pleasing natural design the VicTsing essential oil diffuser is easily adaptable to many interiors and comes with seven subtle light colour options. It has a 500ml capacity — ideal for large rooms — and comes with a timer you can set anywhere from one to six hours. The material is BPA-free and the humidifier will power off automatically when it's short of water.


£29.99 | Amazon

Oliver Bonas Essential Oil Diffuser

This contemporary stylish diffuser will fit seamlessly among you décor in an attractive array of shades that will serve to only enhance your space. There’s a peach, mint green and grey iteration, all of which feature a ridged texture. Settings-wise, you’ll find a timer for 30 minutes, one, two or three hours as well as a colour light to set the ambiance with either white, blue, green, yellow or many other illuminations.

 (Oliver Bonas)
(Oliver Bonas)

£45 | Oliver Bonas

Muji Aroma Diffuser

Tall and slim, this Muji diffuser looks more like a church candle than an electric device, making it a good choice for those who prefer an understated look. Two light settings allow you to adjust the ambience and you can choose from various timings, so whether you’re trying to eliminate the stuffiness from your bedroom whilst you sleep or create a bit of mood lighting at dinner, the flexible choices allow you to set the tone. Able to hold up to 100ml of water, this diffuser can run for up to three hours, emitting a dry, fragrant vapour in ultrasonic waves. You’ll get a few essential oils included, too, each of which should last for a couple of uses. *UK plug sold separately.


£59.95 | Amazon

John Lewis & Partners House Ultrasonic Diffuser

This ceramic design is classic enough to blend into most home interiors, making it a winning gift for those looking for something to take to a housewarming. It features seven colour settings and comes with a timer so you can choose how long you’d like to have it on for. Getting it going is simple; fill up the water tank, add three drops of your favourite essential oil and enjoy up to three hours of pure, scented air.

 (John Lewis)
(John Lewis)

£50 | John Lewis

Ellia Aspire - Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

Don’t be fooled by this unassuming-looking device; it packs in a massive 12 hours continuous run time, offering an entire day’s worth of soothing scents. Set on curved legs and with a series of relaxing lights, it has the ability to transform your environment into a calm and tranquil space.

Plug in and start reaping the aromatherapy benefits straight away.


£79.99 | Amazon

Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser

Sure, it's small but don't underestimate the power of this mighty little pod. Just take the lid off, fill it with water to marked line and add five to ten drops of your favourite scent. Once you put the lid back on and turn it on you can select a timer of one, two or three hours with the option to add a calming light. Remember to choose an aroma to suit your mood, whether you are hoping to feel energized, relaxed or looking for a scent to help you nod off to sleep. It's also one of the prettier options, too.


£110 | Amazon

ESEOE Diffuser

With its simple twist – off cover, this is certainly one of the easiest to use, which usually means you’ll be less likely to tire of the effort it takes to use as time goes on. The seven different shades on offer allow you to match it to your mood and taste and, given that it’s barely bigger than an iPhone, it makes a handy travel companion too. With an auto-shut-down when the water gets too low, you won’t be struck by the usual ‘did I remember to switch it off?!’ wild panic when you leave the house – a particularly handy feature considering how quiet this little gadget is.


£17.99 | Amazon

Esta Aroma Diffuser

Create a spa-like feel in the comfort of your own home with the Neal's Yard Esta diffuser — we can already feel the terrycloth robes and oversized slippers. Housed in a stylish bamboo casing, the diffuser is small but mighty with an automatic setting that encourages mist to be released every 30 seconds. You won't need to disguise this one behind a house plant either, place it on a side table and book your massage.


£57.50 | Neal's Yard Remedies

Esteban Perfume Mist Electric Diffuser High Art Edition

Thanks to its unusual shape, the Esteban diffuser looks like something out of Star Wars. Unfortunately the slick design means that a large capacity has to be forfeited, so this one can only hold up to 80mls of liquid at a time. What it lacks in size, though, it certainly makes up for in performance; filling even large rooms with a pleasant scent within minutes.


£71.10 | Amazon

This Works Travel Diffuser

Ah, the wonders of technology. Powered by a USB cable, This Works’ offering is specifically designed to be portable, allowing you to cart it from office to home and back again. Lightweight and compact, it easily slots into your bag, although it’s important to make sure you’ve fully close it before storing to prevent leakage. Due to its size, it takes a little longer to notice the aroma of this one – especially if you’re in an open plan office – but it’s a great choice if you travel a lot for work and are in need of a shortcut to rest and relaxation.

 (This Works)
(This Works)

£30 | Amazon

Diptyque Un Air de Diptyque electric diffuser

An electric diffuser, this brings together beautiful scent and design from one of the best known fragrance brands in the world. Made to be seen, the elegant white, gold and black diffuser should be used with one of seven fragrance cartridges from the French company: Baies, Ambre, Figuier, Roses, Orange Blossom, Ginger and 34.


£240 | Space NK


The elegant VicTsing 500ml essential oil diffuser takes our top pick for its user-friendly handling, large capacity and adaptable style. It's also available with a dark wood grain if your interior should suit that look better.

The sleek Muji aroma diffuser is another well performing and stylish buy, it's a small device but will still be suitable for medium sized rooms. It's a Japanese import so you will need to buy a UK plug but this is well worth the small additional investment.

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