Best eye serums for men to tackle dark circles and eyebags

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As the age old saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul, yadda yadda yadda. But seriously, they are. At a glance, they show your health, emotion, age, and how many tequila shots you had the night before.

With a return to office commutes, late dinners, and jam-packed weekends, our eyes are feeling the strain of our new less-than-eight-hours-a-night sleeping pattern - paired with early morning trips to the gym and heatwave-induced insomnia, exhausted eyes are on the not-so-distant horizon for all of us.

To make you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your daily 9am meetings, why not try an eye-serum? With ingredients to counter puffiness, crow’s feet, and even dark circles, your late nights and heavy weekends will, to everyone else, be undetectable - even on a Monday.

The delicate skin around your peepers requires a little more TLC than the rest of your handsome mug, so your daily moisturiser won’t quite cut it. Instead, a serum is much more easily absorbed into the skin and will feed your eyes with all the goodness that will fend off any signs of fatigue - and they’ll leave little, or no, residue on your skin.

If bags are your main concern, caffeine is the best ingredient to combat puffiness, or you may be prone to dark circles, in which case you should look out for vitamin C. Retinol, an all round anti-ageing winner, is perfect to smooth out any fine lines.

We’ve put together a selection to suit every eye-related concern - so the solution is in plain sight.

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Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum 15ml

Calling all crow’s-feet-concerned men… Murad’s serum contains not one, but three potent forms of retinol that will prevent and reverse signs of ageing and leave you with bouncy, supple skin around your eyes.

Designed for daily use on all ages and all skin types, including sensitive skin, it will restore your eyes to their youthful glory - and provide 24 hours of hydration in the process.

Buy now £75.00, Murad

Typology Eye Serum 5% Caffeine + 5% Niacinamide 15ml

Known for its no-nonsense formulas containing only the most essential ingredients, Typology’s products are considered and effective.

For those with dark circles and puffiness, the French brand’s serum will have your eyes looking light and bright in no time. Its winning cocktail of caffeine and niacinamide will improve blood circulation to the delicate area, as well as reduce water retention, so your peepers will feel ready for any early morning wake-up-call.

Buy now £13.20, Typology

Aesop Exalted Eye Serum 15ml

Aesop’s products never fail to impress. Enriched with vitamins B, C and E, this potent eye-serum formula will hydrate your eyes whilst evening the appearance of dull or patchy skin, leaving you feeling replenished, smooth, and springy. Designed for use morning and night, it’s a lightweight serum with woody notes that’s suitable for all skin types, including mature, sensitive, and dehydrated.

Buy now £81.00, Aesop

Horace Anti-Dark Circle Serum 10ml

For a refreshing start to the day, go for Paris-based grooming brand Horace’s roll-on serum which will treat your eyes to a massage on a daily basis. Containing extracts of caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and horse chestnut, it’s a 99 per cent natural formula which will dispel puffiness, reduce dark circles, and decongest your eyes. For £17, it’s a no-brainer.

Buy now £17.00, Horace

111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Life Gel NAC Y² 15ml

Founded by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, renowned Harley Street plastic surgeon, 111SKIN offers science-based luxury formulations that pack a real punch. This eye serum is a triple threat against darkness, puffiness, and wrinkles, containing argierline, Mother Nature’s answer to botox, which subtly inhibits muscle contractions to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the patented formula boots antioxidants to rejuvenate the under eye area. Caffeine fights dark circles, while vitamin B nourishes. A one stop shop for your eyes.

Buy now £120.00, 111SKIN

Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle-Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum 15ml

Banish dark circles and wave goodbye to fine lines with Kiehl’s vitamin C serum. A lightweight formula that provides heavyweight results, it is enriched with 10 per cent pure vitamin C. This works in tandem with the rest of the ingredient line-up to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and discolouration, leaving you with bright eyes ready for the day ahead - and if you’re feeling a little dry, extracts of hyaluronic acid will bring the moisture you need.

Buy now £42.00, Kiehl’s

La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum

On the pricier end of the spectrum, La Mer’s serum will give you a ‘mini-lift’, lifting and firming the look of your natural eye contours to elevate the entire area from lid to brow. The brand’s Stretch Matrix Complex forms an interlaced elastic ‘net’ which supports your skin’s elastin to take your eyes from puffy to bouncy in no time.

Treat yourself to a mini-massage using the cooling applicator which will stimulate microcirculation, and soothe, while it lathers on the luxurious serum.

Buy now £230.00, La Mer

Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate

Clinique’s designated For Men collection is a foolproof collection that can always be trusted. This ultra-light water-gel serum will leave your eyes feeling plump and hydrated for a full 96 hours, so after three nights out on the trot you’ll still be looking fresh (hopefully…).

Enriched with antioxidants and aloe butter, your under eye skin will feel tight, light, and bright, and will break the cycle of premature ageing.

Buy now £31.00, Clinique

Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum

Creating products with the most effective ingredients, both synthetic and natural, is Drunk Elephants MO, so you can be sure that its eye serum will boast a powerhouse of ingredients to tackle your ageing concerns.

The satin-textured formula has been developed to deal with wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage, and reduce inflammation. This is all while brightening your complexion, fading age spots, and fending off environmental aggressors - is there anything it can’t do?

Buy now £50.00, Space NK

Dior Homme Dermo System Anti-fatigue firming eye serum

Wave goodbye to tired eyes with Dior’s anti-fatigue serum. Part of the Dermo System range, which is designed to maintain the perfect balance and complexion in men’s skin, this firming eye serum will combat dark circles and puffiness, whilst reinforcing and tightening your eyelids and soft tissue. The lightweight formula will melt into your skin immediately, quenching your eyes and leaving no residue on the skin.

Buy now £43.00, Dior