The best films on TV today: Monday, 15 June

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<em>Wind Chill, Stoker, Rogue.</em>
Wind Chill, Stoker, Rogue.

Enjoy magical monsters, theological satire and breathtaking psychological thrills as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Monday, 15 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

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Xenozoologist and misfit New-Yorkers corral Obscure escaped creatures in numinous adventurous fun Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 6:25pm ITV2

Shunned minority battle for recognition and equality to proclaim "We're here to stay" in super-powered coming-out allegory X-Men 2 6:25pm Film 4

Obnoxious student Emily Blunt and car sharing stranger endure chilling night of ghostly assault when stranded and snowbound on Christmas Eve in frostbitten horror Wind Chill 9:00pm Horror Channel

Quick-drawing snake-hunter rescues missionaries from mortar slaughtering Burmese kidnappers in lumpy, chunky, body-blasting fun Rambo 9:00pm Sony Movies

Broken and beleaguered remnants of failed heroes find final purpose protecting weaponised waif in head-stabbing heart-breaker Logan 9:00pm Film4

Amidst a seemly idyllic community of police men's families, a sheriff must investigate dirty cops. Sly Stallone stars in Cop Land 10:00pm ITV4

Girl shattered by father's death becomes uncle's infatuation in visually arresting, aurally immersive and elegantly abrasive Stoker 11:45pm Film4

Brain-munching zombie brainiac, sexually-slandered vampire and virginal human put aside differences to battle alien onslaught in Werner Herzog teen-comedy curio Freaks of Nature 00:40am Horror Channel

After texting humanity’s death-dates, pugnacious god’s defiant daughter seeks apostles in theological satire The Brand New Testament 1:45am Film4

Stranded in backwater, Northern Territories tour group are stalked by colossal killer croc in character led creature feature Rogue 2:30am Horror Channel

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