The best films on TV today: Friday, 15 May

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<em>Transsiberian, The Martian, Homefront.</em>
Transsiberian, The Martian, Homefront.

Why not indulge in some tentative romance, or space survival or the madness of genius today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV today: Friday, 15 May.

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An exquisitely and delicately formed heart wrenching romance as a man and woman fall into a forbidden love in Brief Encounter 3:00pm BBC Two

Inexplicably English DEA agent's poor parenting precipitates meth-head feud in chump-bashing deep southern action fun Homefront 9:00pm Sony Movies

Fake family cross drug thugs and boarders in incest-enjoying, smidge-smuggling, one liner-fuelled criminal comedy We're the Millers 9:00pm ITV2

After only five minutes in France Liam Neeson cracks precipitating a stabby, bad-guy punching shoot-a-thon for justice in fridged fun Taken 9:00pm E4

Abandoned astronaut sciences himself into a poo-planting, potato farming, space pirate to aid maverick rescue mission in The Martian 9:00pm Film4

Accidental killing of a woman draws creeping chaos upon stubborn rural poacher (Sam Rockwell) in grimy tension builder A Single Shot 11:05pm Sony Movies

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Teacher doctors student politics causing his life to unravel in viciously sharp, exquisitely scripted allegorical satire Election 11:15pm BBC One

Walking fine line between genius and madness, chess prodigy challenges might of Russian empire in politically charged confluence of propaganda and prowess Pawn Sacrifice 11:20pm BBC Two

Statuesque corporate consultant Kate Mara assesses anger issued cy-brid AI in intelligent sci-fi action Morgan 11:45pm Film4

Brutalised woman executes attackers in eye-plucking, teeth-pulling, anal-blasting repugnant revenge rampage I Spit on Your Grave (2010) 00:30am Horror Channel

Train traveller slips further into murky misadventure of murder and smuggling in icy psychological thriller Transsiberian 1:30am Sony Movies

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