The Best Kitchen Organizers Come From Unexpected Places

Magazine rack
Magazine rack - Umesh Chandra/Getty Images

It's a conundrum. The more you like being in the kitchen and creating culinary masterpieces, the more food, utensils, cookware, and appliances you tend to have. That means the less space there is to do what you love to do. It becomes a never-ending quest to find a way to store and organize the things you want and need. Sometimes, the best food storage methods and kitchen organizing tools come from the most unexpected places.

For example, even though it might not be your go-to ingredient when you think about cooking an impressive meal, canned food is a staple in most home kitchens. Unfortunately, cans can take up a lot of space in a cupboard. However, with the right size magazine rack, you can store those cans sideways. Not only does this allow you to stack about a dozen cans in a narrow space, but the system also works like a dispenser — when you grab one can, the next one rolls out into place, so you always have easy access.

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Other Organizational Repurposing Tricks For The Kitchen

Kitchen pegboard
Kitchen pegboard - Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

You probably never thought about using a towel rack or a curtain rod for storage in the kitchen, but both items are as exceptional as they are unconventional. Instead of using a thin bar to hold towels or hang a curtain, it can be a convenient storage option for your most often used utensils. Rather than hiding them in a drawer, keep your ladles, cheese graters, whisks, spatulas, and more within easy reach with this solution.

A pegboard is an organizational tool that is often reserved for the garage or another workspace. However, you can use it in much the same way in your kitchen. Whether you want it for coffee cups, pans, cutting boards, or other kitchen essentials, you can hang them on a brightly colored pegboard that also provides the perfect accent for your room.

A cardboard six-pack drink carrier (like for beer bottles) is one of those things you use and then recycle — they usually only stay in your home for a few minutes. However, if you are a lover of condiments, you don't have to get rid of those temporary totes. Instead, you could put them in the door rack in your refrigerator to keep your sauces and dressings conveniently organized and prevent them from tipping every time the door opens.

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