Best natural cleaning products in the UK

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The rise in #CleanEating has transformed our diets and now the movement has spread to another aspect of our lives–#CleanCleaning.

Across the country, households are making small domestic changes to become more environmentally friendly - where 58 per cent are willing to pay more to do so - according to a survey by YouGov. This could easily begin by switching out your traditional commercial cleaning products with “cleaner” alternatives.

Flex your cleaning prowess without potentially harming your home by replacing abrasive chemicals with plant-based products and food-grade ingredients like coconut oil or bicarbonate of soda.

Brands like Ecozone – a British company specialising in ecological, innovative cleaning products and Norfolk Nautral Living with its biodegradable, non-toxic formulas are paving the way for effective and luxurious products that will keep our homes clean without damaging our health or the planet.

By switching to eco-friendly natural and organic products free from artificial or synthetic ingredients, you are not only keeping harmful chemicals out of your home that could trigger asthma or allergies, but you are also preventing these ingredients from seeping into the water supply which can build up in our rivers and streams and affect aquatic life.

Keep your home germ-free with easy-to-use natural and organic alternatives that are safe for the whole family.

Natural Laundry Detergent and Cleaners

The Lab Co Cashmere & wool wash 500ml

UK-born label The Lab Co uses a highly concentrated formula to effectively remove stains and odours from your clothing with specialised products for your favourite garments, including this cashmere & wool wash as well as denim care and sports and swimwear. There are also mists to refresh your pieces with no wash necessary (saving energy, water and much kinder on the planet). The formulations are natural plant-derived and the ingredients are biodegradable. The scents are beautiful with ylang ylang, Cuban grapefruit, cinnamon or cedarwood. Good for the longevity of your wares, and good for the planet - win-win.

 (The Lab Co)
(The Lab Co)

£14 | Selfridges

Kair Signature Clothing Wash

Kair is a luxury clothing care label that gives you more wear out of your wares. The brand uses fine, kind-to-skin ingredients to take the fear factor out of ruining your pieces and adds to their lifespan. Housed in glass bottles, there are refillables to save on waste that use 76 per cent less plastic. The formulations are vegan, cruelty free and free from chemicals that can negatively impact the planet. There are difference fragrances to choose from, ranging from wild juniper & bergamot to cedarwood, amber & iris as well as options designed specifically for your activewear, wool, silk or delicates.


£18 | Kair

KINN Living Eco-friendly Laundry Bundle

Home to a whole host of natural and plant-based cleaning products, KINN Living is a mother and daughter founded and run company with a well-deserved fan base in eco-friendly cleaning. Free from harsh chemicals such as bleach, KINN cleaning products are entirely plant-based, free from animal testing and contain natural antibacterial properties such as rosemary oil.

The fine fragranced laundry range has been created using real essential oils and is free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes and synthetic perfumes. It's also suitable for hot and cold washes, babies and anyone with sensitive skin or eczema. The brand also offer a skincare range with hero products such as body wash, lotion and bath oil.

The products are now refillable where you buy a 1 litre pouch and top up the reusable keep-me bottle to reduce packaging waste.


£74.25 | KINN

Select products also available at Waitrose

Bio-D Concentrated Non-Bio Washing Powder

The ingredients in the Bio-D washing powder are ethically-sourced, safe and have a minimal impact on the environment. The natural detergent doesn’t leave a residue and leaves your clothes looking and feeling soft and clean without a fragrance.

£4.25 | Ocado

Ecozone Tumble Drying Cubes

Pop these innovative drying cubes in your tumble dryer to conserve the amount of energy used and reduce creases in your clothes that will saving you time on your ironing. They do not contain harsh chemical and are environmentally friendly.

£6.40 | Amazon

Norfolk Natural Living Clothing Wash

The clothing wash from Norfolk Natural Living is available in two fragrances; a relaxing lavender aroma or sea salt – both taking inspiration from the namesake area’s coasts and fields. The handmade formula contains naturally-derived ingredients like citric acid and vegetable-based Amphoteric Surfactant and Anionic Surfactant that are kind to your clothes and skin.

£14.50 | Norfolk Natural Living

Natural Kitchen Cleaners

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Washing Up Liquid

Direct from the US, Mrs. Meyers has made a splash on UK soil with its range of hardworking cleaning products. The aromas feel straight out of your garden with the subtle scent of essential oils like citrus and lavender. The hero products include the hand soap, multi-surface spray and no doubt, the washing up liquid that are made up of plant-derived ingredients as well as glycerin and aloe vera so they are kind to the skin too.


£2.62 | Amazon

Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Starter Kit

Stripping back the jargon associated with cleaning products, family-run business Purdy & Figg has designed a cleaning system that will be effective and yet has a beautiful essential oil-based aroma, cuts back single-use plastic and supports your immune system. In the starter kit, you receive three of the concentrates in which you funnel into the reusable glass bottle and add water. Each one should last you around a month of cleaning and are beautifully scented with the aromas of citrus, vetiver and a rose-based floral. When you’ve finished one, you move onto the next refill, saving excessive packaging and additional shipping at the same time.

 (Purdy & Figg)
(Purdy & Figg)

£30 | Purdy & Figg

Active-Hydrate Hand Wash​ - Gloved

From award-winning fragrance house, Tom Daxon, this heavenly hand wash will make an elegant addition to your kitchen counter. Housed in a luxurious green glass bottle, the gentle formula uses virgin cedarwood oil and hyaluronic acid alongside lime, juniper, angelica and iris. The anti-microbial properties found in cedarwood oil act as a safe and efficient cleaning method and the hyaluronic acid keeps hands hydrated even after multiple washes. The aluminium caps and boxes are made from recycled cardboard and the generous 375ml dispenser comes with a reusable pump.

£20 | Gloved

Geranium Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner - Colt & Willow

Fragranced with essential oils, Colt & Willow's range of sustainable, plant-based products are tough on grime but easy on the eyes. Much of the apothecary styled line is housed in beautiful glass amber bottles and could easily be mistaken for luxury beauty products, but the real charm from this UK made brand is powerful cleaning minus the powerful toxins. Spritz the Geranium Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner directly onto counter tops and mucky surfaces and wipe clean within one minute.

£12 | Wreath London

Lotus Leaf & Lustre Dish Wash

No one relishes the task of washing up but with this product from Ashley & Co, you may even find yourself enjoying it.

The Dish Wash has a fragrant blend of citrus, clove bud and cinnamon that is kind to your skin. It does not contain harmful ingredients, yet still effectively removes greases and stains. Once you have finished the product, the brand has top-up refills to save on plastic waste.

£16 | Ashley & Co.

Ecozone Multi-Purpose Appliance Descaler

Give your appliances the deep clean they have been long overdue for with this multi-purpose descaler. It can be used on your washing machine, dishwasher and more to eliminate limescale and remnants of liquid and powder that have built up.

£5.99 | Amazon

Ecodoo Floor Cleaner

Make your floor so clean, you could eat off it with this product that will clean and polish without the need for harmful chemicals. It uses citric acid, rosemary extract and more essential oils to make your floors, furniture, walls or doors sparkle.

£10.99 | Big Green Smile

Iona Washing Up Tincture

Take harmful chemicals away from the pots, pans, plates and cutlery that you eat with by switching up your current washing up liquid for this 100 per cent natural alternative. The formula is bleach-free and instead is made up of plant extracts and oils like thyme, eucalyptus, cinnamon oils and chamomile extract that have been dermatologically tested to also be gentle on your skin.

£4.99 | Tincture

Sonett Dishwasher Tablets

These dishwasher tablets are free from chlorine, phosphtes and enzymes, instead mixing it up with a combination of sodium carbonate, silicates and sulphated castor oil that dissolves fat and leftover food. They are also 100 per cent biodegradable.

£6.44 | Big Green Smile

Ecover Washing-up Liquid Camomile & Clementine

Effectively remove grease from your kitchen and tableware with a plant and mineral-based washing-up liquid. The formula has a fresh camomile and clementine fragrance but it is also offered in Pomegranate & Fig, Lily & Lotus, Lemon & Aloe and Zero fragrance. It is also housed in a bottle made entirely from recycled plastic.

£2 | Waitrose

Natural Multi-surface Sprays

NeatClean The Essentials Bundle

An effective cleaner with sustainability at its core, this simple solution to cleaning will not only save you space in the cupboard but will help keep single-use plastic out of the landfill. Available as single 30ml concentrates (or delivered as a bundle) each small glass container provides 500ml of multi-surface cleaning action with the simple addition of tap water.

The refillable white aluminium bottle is as chic as they come - the rubber base is nice touch that dampens any sound each time you set it down and the nozzle provides wide coverage with just a few squeezes. Available in sage & mint (our favourite), yuzu tea and mango & fig, we found it work particularly well on greasy countertops and dingy sinks.


£27 | Neat

Also available at Ocado

Method Anti-Bac All Purpose Cleaner

This cleaner is anti-bacterial yet does not contain chemicals. The formula contains naturally-derived lactic acid and has a rhubarb-like scent. It will leave your surfaces looking squeaky clean. We are also huge fans of the Peach Blossom, Lavender and Mint aromas. There are also refills available.

£3 | Sainsbury's

Multi-surface spray

The all-rounder you need in your cleaning arsenal, this spray can be used on any surface – even wood and marble – to ensure they are always looking in tip-top shape. The product is made up of natural ingredients and organic essential oils in a range of fragrance options – citrus, minty, herbal, lavender or unscented.

From £1.25 | Greenscents

Ecover Multi-Surface Cleaner

This multi-action spray uses plant-based and mineral ingredients to tackle dirt and grime without leaving nasty chemical residues. The formula takes inspiration from bees but is entirely cruelty-free.


£2.50 | Sainsbury’s

Bio-D All Purpose Sanitiser Spray

Gentle on both your home and the environment, this all-purpose sanitiser will kill 99.9 per cent of harmful bacterial using naturally delivered plant-based materials.

£2.90 | Big Green Smile

Natural Bathroom Cleaners

Loo Cleaner

Keep your toilet looking spick and span with this natural loo cleaner that effectively removes limescale and dirt. Made up of a range of naturally-derived plants and botanicals like lemongrass oil, rose oil and limonene, it is bleach-free with a pleasant scent. We're also big fans of the brands scented vinegar spray, think less fish'n chip shop and more sparkling clean glass.

£9 | Norfolk Natural Living

Loo Cleaner

Harnessing the power of organic aloe vera leaf juice and organic cider vinegar, this loo cleaner will keep harmful chemicals out of your home, leaving your toilet looking spotless with a fresh minty or citrusy scent.

From £1.25 | Greenscents

Rosemary Loo Cleaner

Transform the scent of your bathroom with this rosemary lavatory cleaner that uses the herb’s natural oil for a relaxing aroma that you may not traditionally associate with your loo. The formula is natural, biodegradable and the ingredients are derived from renewable sources.

£3.75 | Daylesford

Wilko Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner

For a low-cost way to introduce natural cleaning essentials into your home, head to Wilko where the homeware store offers a range of high performing products that use plant-derived ingredients that are vegan friendly and will not harm aquatic life. This toilet cleaner will kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and is housed in a recyclable bottle.

£1 | Wilko

Cleaning tools

e-cloth General Purpose Cloths

Brighten up your cleaning supplies with this multi-packed of coloured cloths. They are made up of millions of tiny fibres with an impressive cleaning effect to the point where no chemicals or products are required.

£14.98 | John Lewis

Eco Egg Bamboo Reusable Towels

Replace your paper towels with a more eco-friendly solution in the form of these organic, sustainably-sourced bamboo cloths. The reusable sheets can be used wet or dry and are strong and absorbent, cleaning up without leaving any residue or lint behind.

 (Eco Egg)
(Eco Egg)

£7.49 | Big Green Smile

Copper Cleaning Pad

While this copper cleaning pad may appear abrasive, when soapy water is added, it becomes spongy and can be used on even the most delicate of your kitchen essentials. Suitable for any surface, you can polish glasses, remove burnt grime from your oven or finally get round to cleaning the grout in your bathroom tiles.

£6 | Norfolk Natural Living

Sonett Eco Sponge

These scratch-free sponges are made up of recycled polyester, cellulose and sisal fibres for a durable and effective replacement of its traditional counterpart. You can use it on glasses, stainless steel and delicate surfaces without worry. They are also machine washable.

£2.46 | Big Green Smile

Maistic Micro Plastic Free Multi Purpose Cloth

For an all-purpose cloth free from polyester and plastic, the Maistic alternative uses a wood-based viscose that is 100 per cent natural. Suitable for all areas around the house, it is scratch-free and can be machine washed.

£2.99 | Big Green Smile

LoofCo Washing-Up Pad

Made from the Loofah plant, this pad is a durable and effective washing up instrument. The long-lasting pad is biodegradable and recyclable. While it may appear abrasive when dry, as soon as you add water, it becomes soft, spongy and flexible.

£4.85 | Big Green Smile

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