Best supermarket white wines of 2022 from Tesco, Waitrose and more

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An exotic location, your favourite bikini and a large glass of wine: all summer essentials that you’ve no doubt been looking forward to for the last few months (or more).

Unlike red wines or rosé which don’t always fit the mood, white wine can be seamlessly enjoyed on any and all sunshine-filled occasions.

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Golden hour drink on the terrace? Make it a white wine. Post-dinner sip? It’s got to be white wine. Spontaneous Sunday afternoon BBQ? You guessed it: white wine.

The secret weapon in your drinking arsenal comes in the form of supermarket white wine. Discover a new favourite and you’ll be free to pour ‘til your heart’s content, without worrying about spending your entire holiday budget on a few bottles.

The best supermarket white wines don’t scrimp on quality or taste. Don’t be put off by their budget friendly price tags, there are hidden gems amongst the masses that deliver fresh, summer-ready notes far beyond their price point.

From the most delicious Chardonnays to delectable Sauvignon Blancs, delicate Chablis and everything in between: read on for all of our top picks.

Waitrose Babich Organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Babich’s Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, juicy and refreshing: the ultimate white wine to pour with a flourish and enjoy in the sunshine. This budget friendly bottle comes with endless high recommendations and is well-loved for its floral and tangerine notes and spicy, crisp finish.

This organic white wine hails from New Zealand and is a brilliant example of everything the region offers. It’s smooth, subtly tropical and designed for sharing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself pouring a second (or third) glass.

Buy now £12.99, Waitrose

Tesco Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay

Penfolds’ Koonunga Hill Chardonnay is an excellent Australian white wine: well balanced, good value and deliciously fruity. Perfect for ticking all the boxes without swaying too far in any one direction, it’s a top all-rounder when it comes to flavour and style.

Red apple, melon, pear and lemon combine to give this supermarket white wine a definite fruity appeal, while its gentle smokiness adds a little complexity. This medium-bodied Chardonnay is definitely a lively one.

Buy now £9.00, Tesco

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Chardonnay

Don’t be fooled by Sainsbury’s own label here - the supermarket’s Taste the Difference Chardonnay is a top contender for a delicious drink at an equally as delicious price tag. At £10 a bottle, you’ll likely find yourself stocking up on this white wine ahead of summer BBQs or al fresco dining occasions, when its fruity, nutty edge pairs brilliantly with all kinds of cold dishes. This chardonnay comes from the coastal region of South Africa, which means plenty of flavour and a slightly creamy undercurrent.

Buy now £10.00, Sainsbury's

Coop Cune White Rioja

The majority of Rioja wines may be red but the white varieties deserve just as much attention, too. Look no further than Coop’s Cune White Rioja, an underrated blend of lemon, lime, peach, apple and almond that you’ll want to serve with seafood or paella.

This impressive wine is one with a constant stream of good reviews and, with its less than £10 price tag, it’s a firm contender for the top spot. This white wine is fermented on its lees in new American oak casks for up to four months before being bottled and aged for a little longer. Wine aficionados will love its high acidity and refreshing top notes.

Buy now £9.50, Coop

Iceland Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc

Iceland’s Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc is a truly lovely wine. It’s crisp and cool, an excellent tonic to those summer days we’re all watching out for with vivid notes of passion fruit, lemon zest and minerals. Arguably one of the most popular supermarket white wines around, you’ll struggle to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this bottle.

Bring along as a budget friendly gift and give yourself a pat on the back for discovering such a mouthwatering all rounder. Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc is a Chilean wine grown close to the sea: something you can point out proudly when serving it next.

Buy now £8.00, Iceland

Lidl Winemaker's Selection Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc

The cat might be out of the bag when it comes to Lidl’s alcohol prowess but the brand’s Winemaker’s Selection Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc definitely deserves a little extra love. Grown in New Zealand’s beautiful Awatere Valley, this light, dry, acidic wine is one of the most tropical-hued around.

If you’re a fan of citrus flavours, you’ll fall in love with this bottle’s pink grapefruit, lemon and lime notes. Having come from one of the best-known places in New Zealand to grow Sauvignon, it’s no surprise that this white wine gets a lot of attention. Serve with shellfish or goat’s cheese to bring out its unique flavours.

Buy now £6.99, Lidl

Aldi Kooliburra Clare Valley Riesling

Aldi's Kooliburra Clare Valley Riesling is one of the best supermarket white wines for pairing with food, thanks to its ease of drinking (possibly too much ease) and versatility. Serving up pork, cured meat, shellfish, chicken or a random assortment of snacks? You'll find this wine performs perfectly with all of the above, proudly displaying a range of unique characteristics with each differing meal.

This dry white wine is pale in colour and refreshing in taste, blending white grapefruit, honey and citrus notes. It's a midpoint between light and bold: ideal for all kinds of drinkers.

Buy now £7.49, Aldi

Morrisons The Best Muscadet Sevre Et Maine Sur Lie

Another supermarket own brand rising up the ranks, Morrisons' The Best Muscadet Sevre Et Maine Sur Lie comes with a fancy name and a fancy drinking experience to match. There's a lot to discover within this bottle, like its delicate candied pear, green apple and white flower aroma which paves the way for an equally as delicate flavour profile.

It's a soft, subtle wine, more suited to drinking by itself rather than pairing with food for maximum enjoyment. It's a great example of everything a French white wine should be, with a classic, crisp finish.

Buy now £8.00, Morrisons

Asda Extra Special Selection Chablis

Choose a good Chablis and you'll fall in love with its light, gentle notes and delicate flavours. Choose a bad one and you'll be left sipping an insipid, underwhelming bottle or worse, figuring out which pasta recipe to slip the remainder into. Fortunately, Asda's Extra Special Selection Chablis falls into the former category, a delicious wine that's definitely worth its price.

Sure, it might be a little more expensive than you'd expect from a supermarket own brand but this French bottle certainly doesn't hold back when showing off its strengths. Its classical, mineral-heavy notes come accented with an earthy touch and a fresh, clean ending.

Buy now £16.00, Asda

Ocado Calvet Picpoul De Pinet

Ocado's Calvet Picpoul De Pinet is a definite top choice for anyone who prefers a dry white wine. This delicate French wine is almost crystal clear to the colour, with subtle hints of green that you'll taste and smell as well as admire.

Blending acacia and hawthorn blossom with pear, melon and apple, you'll find plenty of gentle flavour with a balanced finish. Its neither too bold or too sweet, or too soft or acidic: it's just happily in the middle, except for its perpetual dryness. Earthy, honeyed notes add an expensive-tasting final touch.

Buy now £13.00, Ocado


For a supermarket white wine that ticks all the boxes when it comes to taste, versatility and price point, look no further than Waitrose’s Babich Organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. This delicious bottle promises to be a people pleaser and it’s easy to stock up on, too.

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