The Best Way to Shave Your Balls (It's Easier than You Think)

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best way to shave your balls
The Best Way to Shave Your Balls

Hopefully, you’re investigating how to shave your balls ahead of the act and not after a falling foul to a horrific ball-shaving accident. But whatever brought you to this article, rest assured, we have the knowledge you need to make shaving your balls an easy and, dare we say it, pleasurable experience.

To keep your nut sack intact and save yourself a trip to A&E, we suggest investing in a few key pieces of equipment. For starters, you’ll need an electric shaver or safety razor, and you’ll also need shaving oil and a cooling aftershave balm.

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Once you're done and your balls and smoother than a moonwalk on ice, you can continue crafting your body hair by looking at our articles on beard trimming, full-body maintenance and the proper way to tackle back hair. But let's get to it. This is the best way to shave your balls.

How to Shave Your Balls

1. Grab Your Tools

Shaving your balls will become a lot easier if you have the correct tools at your disposal. So put your cut-throat razor away, because this task requires either an electric or a safety razor.

An electric razor, like the Meridian Below-the-Belt Trimmer, will trim your ball hair without grabbing or breaking the skin. Perfect for your most delicate of areas. Oh, and, before you ask, the hair down there is a lot finer and sparser, so don't worry about growing stubble, like you would on your pubes, back or beard.

Alternatively, you could go old school and employ a safety razor, like the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge. Doing so will minimise skin dragging, but a word of warning, we encourage you to practise using a safety razor on your face before putting it anywhere near your balls.

2. Prepare the Area

To prepare your balls for the blade, start by splashing them with cold water (or use the shower head). This will tighten the skin, making the surface of your sack easier to shave. Then apply some shaving oil (chill slightly in the fridge to help keep things tight). If it's a bit of a jungle down there, you may also want to trim your hair down so it's a manageable length.

3. Start Trimming (but Be Careful)

Your balls are ready and it's time to begin trimming. Pull your skin taut and gently stroke the razor in the direction your hair grows. Rinse halfway though and you'll be able to see the bits you've missed, then reapply some shaving oil and finish the job.

4. Apply an After-shave Balm

Then (and this is the fun bit) I'd suggest giving them a good old rub with a little after-shave balm. Follow these simple instructions and your newly-smooth nuts will be the dog's... well, you get the idea.

Everything You Need to Shave Your Balls

Problems to Avoid When Shaving Your Balls

Follow our advice and shaving your balls should be a walk in the park, but there are still things that can go wrong. If you fall foul of these scenarios, here's what to do.


Shave your balls as we suggest and you shouldn't suffer from irritation, but if you do, mild irritation will usually clear up by itself within a week or so. There are also some steps you can take to expedite your healing.

  • Soak your balls in walm water.

  • Don't rub the area (ah thank you), pat it dry.

  • Apply a gentle lotion to you skin.

  • And for heavens sake, don't shave again until you're fully recovered.

Itching and Bumps

If the area down below does become itchy it's likely that your hair is growing back, so give it a day or two to settle. However, if the itching is intense, consult a healthcare professional or pharmacist, who should be able to recommend an over-the-counter remedy.

You should also consult a pharmacist or healthcare professional if you notice bumps or blisters where they shouldn't be. Keeping the area clean and dry and applying over-the-counter antibiotic ointment may remedy your situation.


We'd like to tell you that there's no chance of cutting your crown jewels when shaving your balls, but unfortunately, of course there is. Still, even if you do nick your knackers, the damage probably looks worse than it is. If you're bleeding profusely, however, consult a doctor, immediately.


If you've followed our instructions then you should have made it this far without any mishaps. While your downstairs should now be looking fresh, you're not quite finished just yet.

Before you pack up your equipment, it's worth applying a gentle moisturiser or post-shave lotion to the area to prevent itchiness, redness and the build-up of bacteria. Consider products that contain aloe vera, which will help to sooth the area. Steer clear of products that contain perfume if you want to avoid a painful end to what should now be an effortless process.

Why You Should Shave Your Balls

Removing hair from your balls is thought to make them look more impressive because optically, anything that's light tends to look larger. So don't beat around the bush and get shaving, lads.

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