Beth Potter struggling for motivation since claiming Commonwealth Games medal

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Beth Potter admits she is still searching for inspiration since the Commonwealth Games.

The 30-year-old won a bronze medal for Scotland in Birmingham this summer.

But ahead of racing in the Super League Triathlon series in London on Sunday, the Olympian finds herself struggling for motivation.

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Beth Potter with her bronze medal
Beth Potter with her bronze medal (David Davies/PA)

“I’ve been training but it’s been more like a job this past month,” she said.

“It always came easy to me, wanting to go out and train. I didn’t have to think about it. But it’s been quite hard getting myself up for it.

“I feel I’ve done the season already and it’s been quite hard. In an ideal world I would have had some time off after the Commonwealths. I only had three days and it wasn’t enough time to reset.

“Racing will be good but I need to get through to the end of the season and take a long, deserved, break.

“It has been hard but I’m lucky, I’ve got a good people to train with. There have been a couple of sessions where I’ve not felt like going hard so I’ve backed off a bit as well.

“I’m still getting the work done but I’m not going to get any fitter. I’m still turning up but the difference is I have discipline. I can go and do it even if I’m not necessarily enjoying it.

“Get it done, job done, go home, chill out and switch off.”