'We can do better' Selles on Reading win over Carlisle, Azeez goal and Ballard injury

Selles <i>(Image: JasonPIX)</i>
Selles (Image: JasonPIX)

Reading hit Carlisle United for five in a 5-1 rout to move off the bottom of League One.

Here is an immediate reaction from manager Ruben Selles.

Selles on the result

"The result was good. To score that many goals is always difficult in a football match. I still think we can do better. There was parts of the game, after we scored the first and at the beginning of the second half, where we need to control better. We are in a much better position than we were a month ago- usually in those moments we conceded, but we didn’t today, and we didn’t on Saturday. The team look, as a collective, like we manage those moments, and we know we have the potential to score goals and compete against anyone in League One. It was a pleasure to have a calm last part of the game.

Selles on defensive performance

"We have been on the other side a few times where we have been in those times, and we were punished for that. today the key action was when they had the corner kick and Jeriel Dorsett knew what his role was. He was in the perfect position because that’s how we plan for it. We solved that situation and a few other set plays, mainly. Then we know that when the other teams are trying to chase, we can find the space to counter attack and make attacks on their back line.

Selles on Femi Azeez goal

"For Femi, it was a big relief. The pass from Ben Elliott is class and his finishing was with power and anger to try and put the ball in the net and finally break the bad moment he had in front of goal. Besides the goals, he has been doing a really good job for us. He is a player that works hard for us and understands what we want him to do. He has a couple of assists in the last game, so I’m pleased he has finally got his mojo back. Hopefully he can keep it and score more for us.

Selles on Harvey Knibbs role

"We have always been thinking about him as a winger but when we had the situation with Charlie Savage and the booking we were reviewing and saw that at Cambridge he played that position in the 532. We saw some of the good things and at the beginning it was a secondary position. In that game we were pleased with him and he has been growing in that role. He is a much better position in that central space. He can run, he can go deep, he can defend and win duels. His counter pressure is one of the best in the category, how many times has he won the ball back and straight away we have a chance? I have been really pleased with the work. We should never forget that Harvey is a player that has paid attention to every detail in his life to be ready to perform. He is an example for the young boys.

Selles on Dom Ballard injury

"He broke his patella tendon. The good news, if there is anything good with that, is that there is no more damage on the knee so only the patella. He will have surgery and we are working with Southampton to prepare the next steps. He is a fantastic player and a fantastic boy. He will have a very good career and it is just a pity we can’t use him for the rest of the season because as you can see he is very important for us. We wish him a quick recovery and hopefully it can keep him in the game for the next 15 years. We will be here for anything he needs."