Beverly D'Angelo Shares Video Of Her History With Al Pacino 'Because You Asked!'

Actor Beverly D’Angelo shared a breezy video this week about her relationship with her ex, actor Al Pacino. It’s like taking a Celebrity Couple 101 course, but way cooler because the lesson comes straight from the subject’s mouth. (Watch the video below.)

The “Vacation” star explained on Instagram that people had filled her DMs with questions about her life with the Oscar-winning icon. So she produced what she called a “bare bones primer” — just “because you asked!”

D’Angelo described her electric chance meeting with Pacino on a 1996 flight from Los Angeles to New York ― “It was on,” she said ― and the arrival of their two children after successful in-vitro.

The video includes photos and home movies featuring the former couple’s now-22-year-old twins, Anton and Olivia.

“Yikes, it got complicated,” D’Angelo said of her breakup with Pacino, with footage of rolling storm clouds.

After her split from the “Godfather” star was finalized in 2004, D’Angelo said, the two relied on the “power of our love for our children” for help in “resolving any conflict and creating a new history” as co-parents.

They still maintain a “unique and profound friendship,” she narrated.

D’Angelo did not mention their ugly custody and child-support fight but warned readers in the post’s caption that Instagram wasn’t the place for intimate details.