Beyoncé Announces Country-Tinged ‘Renaissance: Act II’ Album on Super Bowl Sunday, Drops Two New Songs

Beyoncé on Sunday announced new music on her website and on social media, and in a Verizon ad.

The new music is part two of her acclaimed 2022 Renaissance album, which has long been rumored to be a trilogy. As part of the announcement, two songs dropped on Tidal: “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.”

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The Verizon ad found her at a lemonade stand (a nod to her 2016 album of the same name), following several playful takes on her name: “Barbey,” a nod to Barbie, and “BOTUS,” saying she’d be the first female president.

Meanwhile, videos posted on her website and on Instagram featured the tease “Act II” along with the date of March 29.

That video features a country vibe. It starts out showing the license plate of a car taking off down a dirt road with the license plate “HOLD’EM.” Several songs play as if someone is flipping through country music stations on the radio, including a yodeling song and Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline.”

It then switches to a country-tinged song by Beyoncé, with her singing, “Say Texas, ain’t no hold ’em, lay your cards down down down down.” It also features a billboard with an image of Beyoncé waving as several men ogle it.

Beyoncé, of course, hails from Houston. She and her family, including husband Jay-Z, were at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Sunday to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers.

This new album is part of what fans have speculated is a trilogy, and they’ve been convinced for some time that this would be a country album.

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