Beyoncé’s Latest Post Had Her Eating Spaghetti On Her Private Jet, And I Think Fans Are Focusing On The Wrong Thing

 Beyoncé in 16 Carriages official visualizer.
Beyoncé in 16 Carriages official visualizer.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour may have ended in October, but you know “Queen Bey” always has something to keep herself and the fans occupied. Other than promoting her country-inspired album Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé’s also been promoting the inside of her fancy, schmancy private jet. Fans seem to be quick to point out that the R&B singer is casually eating spaghetti in her luxurious method of transportation, but it looks like fans are focusing on the wrong thing here.

The “Crazy in Love” singer is on cloud nine enjoying the comforts and luxuries her private jet can provide for her. Based on Beyoncé’s latest Instagram photos, we see the powerhouse singer in her cowgirl attire feeding herself spaghetti in her personal method of transportation. This is seemingly a reference to the track "Spaghettii" from her new album Cowboy Carter. Take a look at the photos below and see if there’s anything besides the spaghetti and the singer eating it that’s catching your eye.

As the strands of spaghetti make their way through the tips of Beyoncé’s fingers towards her palate, the Dreamgirls star looks like she’s chilling with no complaints. And she has a right to! In December, Beyoncé Knowles had a weekend box office hit with her concert film Renaissance and just completed her eighth album Cowboy Carter where she channeled country influences like Dolly Parton. And that'll include a mysterious track called "Spaghettii." After all of her touring and recording, the award-winning singer-actress has a right to chow down some spaghetti. Fans couldn’t help but comment on Beyoncé’s yummy spaghetti-eating photos.

  • Not the queen eating spaghetti and we out here stressing about fits for tomorrow. 😮😮😮😮😮

  • She said I did write a song about spaghetti and what 🍝

  • invented pasta

  • Girl are we eating spagetti now? I'm on a diet but anything for youuuu

  • Finally a pic of Bey I can imitate 😂❤❤! 🍝

As always, now I’m in the mood for spaghetti myself. While our eyes are glued to Beyoncé eating this lovely Italian cuisine, there’s another aspect of the big picture we’re missing- she’s eating spaghetti on a bed that’s inside of her private jet. Compared to having to slink into her seat after a long day of work, she’s got a full bed surrounded by lamps.

According to The Sun, Beyoncé has more accommodations than a king-sized bed with brightly lit lamps. She’s had this private jet since 2012 which Knowles gave as a Father’s Day present to her hubby Jay-Z. This $40 million private jet includes a full kitchen and two bathrooms with enough room to fit a whole family and a team of staff. The multi-million dollar jet named “S. Carter” is also spacious for business meetings and family time with a large TV living area. With so many features and five-star facilities, why would anyone want to leave this in-air carrier?

Beyoncé's post may have her noshing on spaghetti during her downtime, but fans fail to notice she’s eating in a full-size bed on a dang jet! If only we could all be as lucky as the “Single Ladies” singer to have a little home 30,000 feet up in the air. Take a look at our new streaming releases in case Beyoncé’s Renaissance film gets released sometime this year.