Beyoncé's platinum hair transformation is taking us back to her Destiny's Child era

beyoncé platinum blonde hair
Beyoncé's platinum hair transformation is so 00sKevin Mazur - Getty Images

Every member of the Cosmo beauty team (currently in the country) attended the Renaissance world tour in London last week, to worship at the alter of Queen Bey. But now we're going to have to cook up some essential team holiday plot to get over to mainland Europe and see her again stat, because she just totally switched up her tour hair in Barcelona and new hair = new show.

Beyoncé's stylist Neil Farinah drew our attention to the latest tour hairstyle, sharing this photo on Instagram, and our jaws hit the floor. Her honey golden curls have been swapped out for a super straight, hip-length warm platinum blonde that's so 00s, she could be back in Destiny's Child.

Just swipe along to the gif – actually cannot deal. Have we ever seen her this blonde? #BarbiecoreBeyoncé and we're *here* for it.

We do have suspicions it's a wig, seeing as her colourist Rita Hazan took her blonder mere weeks ago at the start of the tour, posting on Instagram about the new colour, calling it 'sun-washed blonde'.

Seeing as Beyoncé has her own hair brand in the secretive works, we can't imagine she's already on a second round of bleaching. Plus, from our sleuthing (aka her Insta story), it looks like the royal colourist, Rita is back in the US.

Whether it's growing out of her head or not, this unexpected plot twist is a delight.

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