BGT viewers suggest Simon Cowell ‘cheated’ as finalist performs

Viewers think Simon Cowell might have cheated during BGT final. <i>(Image: ITV)</i>
Viewers think Simon Cowell might have cheated during BGT final. (Image: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) viewers have suggested that judge Simon Cowell was cheating during a finalists act.

It comes as young magician Cillian O’Connor took to the stage to perform for the final time and used the helping hands of Cowell to complete a trick.

Asking Cowell to pick a card but to look away to not see the card, viewers on Twitter were quick to see that Cowell had already seen the card.

With eagle eye fans seeing the picked card on BGT shown on a large screen in the theatre where the live final is broadcasted.

As many took to Twitter to share they had spotted the blunder, as one wrote: “Cillian said he’d look away and then turned to face the screens giving everyone a close-up of the card Simon was holding.”

Whilst others wrote: “Card on the big screen, the cheat” and “Did he not just see the card on the massive screen in Infront of him.”

Although some suggest that Cowell might have cheated, all were left stunned at the magician's talent.

As he made cards appear in unsuspecting hosts Ant and Dec's suit jackets and even made Ant disappear.

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