Biathlon - Sumann wins in Khanty-Mansiysk

Christoph Sumann upset overall World Cup champion Martin Fourcade to win his first biathlon World Cup race of the season in the men's 12.5km pursuit in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Biathlon - Sumann wins in Khanty-Mansiysk

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Courtesy of his victory in the sprint on Friday, Fourcade had a 40-second head start in the pursuit however as he faltered Sumann was perfect to win the penultimate men's race of the season.

Sumann shot clear during all four trips to the range to clock a winning time of 34:47.9minutes making up a 53-second deficit on Fourcade and then adding 49 seconds to it.

And Fourcade didn't finish second behind Sumann but third with his older brother Simon the runner-up after shooting clear himself to come home 35.7 seconds behind the Austrian winner.

Martin Fourcade's woes began from the very first shoot as he missed one target with the Frenchman suffering a similar fate on his second trip with his lead now down to 1.8seconds.

He was finally surpassed by the third shoot, where he missed two more targets, with Sumann taking the lead and Italian Lukas Hofer also above him in second 26.6seconds behind.

Martin Fourcade maintained third place despite another miss in the fourth and final shoot while Hofer fell to fourth after a failure himself with Sumann now leading ahead of Simon Fourcade.

That was how it stayed at the finish with second place Simon Fourcade’s first podium of the season while Martin Fourcade already had the World Cup title for the pursuit wrapped up.

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